• Anesthetic SJ3 (120g.)

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    “SJ3” LIQUID ANESTHETIC For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This powerful liquid anesthetic is available with a flip top, and is for use during procedures. It contains lidocaine, tetracaine and benzocaine. It is safe for use on all procedures except eyeliner. Use it to remove your pre-deadening topical anesthetics i..
  • Anesthetic Gel "Feel Better now" (30ml.) 1pcs.

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    Anesthetic Gel "Feel Better now" (30ml.) Feel Better Now Topical Anesthetic Gel is a product you can rely on to keep your clients in a more comfortable state with less pain while allowing you to work on sensitive areas with minimal movement. It is used to help relieve pain, swelling, and bleeding during procedures that repeat..
  • Anesthetic Pro Plus (25g.)

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     “PRO PLUS” TOPICAL ANESTHETIC For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This pre-deadener was developed by a pharmacist familiar with our industries. Previous versions of this anesthetic have been used successfully for years. This recent alteration has improved its speed and depth of anesthesia. This cream con..
  • Anesthetic SUPER T (25G.) 1pcs.
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    SUPER ‘T’ TOPICAL ANESTHETIC For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This pre-deadener has one large advantage: the addition of benzocaine for faster onset. It contains three anesthetics: 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine and 12% benzocaine. It is safe for use on all procedures  except eyeliner. Care should be taken to avoi..
  • Anesthetic Vasocaine (120g.)

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    “VASOCAINE” For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This liquid 4 ounce anesthetic comes with a spray top. Developed  for relief of anorectal disorders, this powerful 5% lidocaine liquid anesthetic is for use during procedures. It is safe for use on all procedures except eyeliner. It also contains a vascular constrict..
  • Anesthetic ZONE 2 (30g.) 1pcs.

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    STAY IN THE ZONE WITH “ZONE 2” For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This product contains 5% lidocaine and a vascular constrictor, which reduces swelling, bruising and bleeding. This makes it the choice for fast onset and reduction of areas, such as lips or inner arms, where bruising and bleeding are a problem. FOR E..
  • Anesthetic ZONE1 (15 g.)

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    GET IN THE ZONE WITH “ZONE 1” For Use by Licensed Professionals Only. This “All Purpose” 5% lidocaine topical anesthetic has the advantage of a pH of 7, for rapid onset and safe use around the eyes- although care should be taken to avoid getting this product in the eyes. The cream base also makes this product self-occlusiv..
  • Beauty Group during operation anesthetic (15ml)

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    Beauty Group during operation anesthetic (15ml) Product Usage: Apply to the parts after the lightly tattooing, after 2-3 minutes until the skin to absorb and then continue the operation again. Active ingredients: Epinephrine, lidocaine, propylene, adrenaline Storage: Avoid sushine, keep it in a cool and dry place ..
  • Beauty Group pre operation anesthetic (15ml.) 1pcs.

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    Beauty Group pre operation anesthetic (15ml.) Anesthetic is used before the procedures on unbroken skin. Apply to desired area and wait for activation period (~15min.) Ingredients: Lidocaine, Tetracaine, Benzocaine For professional use only Net Contents: 15ml.   ..
  • Before procedure Anesthetic NumFast™

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    At last! An OTC topical anesthetic that provides a profound numbing effect for superficially painful conditions. Lasts for up to 45 minutes. You can apply NumFast™ to thin skin for 12-15 minutes. Thick skin: 50-60 minutes. May occlude on body. Do not use occlusive dressing over eyelid. NumFast stays put and doesn'..
  • Bella anesthetic for lips (15ml.)

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    Bella anesthetic for lips (15ml.) Ingredients: 5% lidocaine; 2% tetracaine; Sodium chloride; ..
  • Bella MICROCAINE anesthetic (15g.)

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    Bella MICROCAINE anesthetic (15g.) It safe around the eyes! Check back soon!!! With 5% Lidocaine and a pH of 7.5, Microcaine is an excellent choice for providing pain relief for up to 1 hour when doing an eyeliner procedure. This is a topical creme that will stay in place when applied. It will not melt and run into eye, and w..
  • Biotouch EZY (QUICK 2) Topical Anesthetic 30ml.

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    BIOTOUCH EZY (QUICK 2) GEL ANESTHETIC For Permanent Make Up ProceduresBiotouch (USA) product.Topical gel for medical and therapeutic treatment of pain and swelling. ACTIVE INGREDIENT (in each gram) -Lidocaine HCl 5%Epinephrine HCl 0.4%  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY...
  • BLT MesoMedica anesthetic before procedure (30 gr.) 1pcs.

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    Powerful painkillers for permanent make-up, Purebeau FibroBlast procedure, mesotherapy injections, RF with microneedles and other techniques related to the use of microneedles. Anesthesia for needle techniques - tetracaine 5%, lidocaine 5% benzokaine 5%, the consistency - cream with increased ability to pene..
  • DOTC Pain Stopper (15 g.)

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    DOTC Pain Stopper (15 g.) Topical Anaesthetic Cream for use before the procedure on unbroken skin. Use for general body tattooing, eyebrows, lips, areola and camouflage procedures. Activation Period: 15-30 minutes Directions: Apply to desired area and wait for activation period. Contains: 3% Lidocaine and 2% Tetracaine ..
  • Eyz-A-Blue Pre-Procedure anesthetics 25 ml 1pcs.

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    What makes Eyz-A-Blue so special is its thickness and neutral pH balance.  Eyz-A-Blue is formulated to stay in place and not melt or run while the permanent cosmetic professional prepares for the procedure.  Eyz-A-Blue topical anesthetic should be applied to the unbroken skin of the upper and/or lower eyelash..