• B&G Laser tattoos - permanent make-up removing

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    B & G Laser tattoos - permanent make-up removing. 1. Safe and efficient treatment: Normal tissues under the skin barely absorb the Laser energy at the wave lengths of 1064nm and 532nm. Therefore laser won't damage normal skin. No scars would be left. Automatic protect device of water-level and water-temperature makes t..
  • Fade The Heat aftercare serum (15 ml.)
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    Fade The Heat serum instantly cools with little or no Itch or irritation.Formulated to soothe, protect and repair damaged painful skin after laser treatments. Fade the Heat revolutionary laser aftercare serum contains clinically proven and dermatologically tested pharmaceutical ingredients to reduce pain, irritation and speed re..
  • Laser carbon gel 80 ml.

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    1.Ingredients of  skin whitening laser carbon gel for laser treatment:skin whitening laser carbon gel for laser treatment  for Mineral mud of volcanic rock, propolis, gromwell extract,pinecone extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera juices, levorotatory VC, hamamelis, papayas activin, etc.2.Function of  skin whitening..
  • Rejuvi Comfy Gel anesthetic before procedure (60 g.)

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    Powerful painkillers for permanent make-up, mesotherapy injections, RF with microneedles and other techniques related to the use of microneedles. Anesthesia for needle techniques - Comfy Gel - contains 10% lidocaine, 2 x stronger when EMLA, the consistency - a watery gel, with increased ability to penetrate into the skin. ..
  • Skin Monarch laser tattoos - permanent make-up removing

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