BOURJOIS TWIST UP THE VOLUME mascara (black balm edition)

  • 13.90€
BOURJOIS TWIST UP THE VOLUME mascara (black balm edition)

Mascara with transformable 2-in-1 brush that makes the lashes visibly longer and volumised


- Defined length. Oversize volume.

- 2 in 1 Transformable brush

- Length brush position- lengthens and separates the lashes

- Volume brush position- volumizes and intensifies the lashes

- Intensely black formula provides full coverage and amazing volume on every single lash

- Paraben-free formula


1. Personalise your eye look and use the mascara in any of the two positions, in any order you want - start with volume, with separation&definition or use only your favourite position

2. Look down into a mirror and apply the mascara with a wriggling motion from side-to-side, starting at the roots

3. Look up and do the same on the lower lashes

4. Apply a second coat if necessary

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