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  • Aesthetic Solution of Ampelopsin 1%  5ml
    Aesthetic Solution of Ampelopsin 1% 5ml
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    Aesthetic Solution of Ampelopsin 1%  5mlTreatment and prevention of cellulite and for the reductive treatment of widespread and localised fatTriple Action: Prevents, Reduces, Prevents the formation of new fatty build-upsMade with a natural ingredient of plant origin from the Myrica Cerifera, it offers a comprehensive soluti..
  • Anti-cellulite Solution (L-Carnitine 1g) 5ml

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    L-CARNITINE is a cell natural component, vastly found in meat, milk, liver and yeast. L-CARNITINE is biosynthetized from other amino acids . L-CARNITINE, named "Fat-devouring molecule" acts on lipidic metabolism as a fatty acid-carrier substances, mainly long-chain ones, from citosol to inside mitochondria,. where B-oxi..
  • Anticellulitic liposomes 5 ml

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    The liposome anticellulitic solution is a PRO-LIPOSOME manufactured by "multi-extrution"proven anticellulitic extracts, combined with a sinergetic effect as a tripeptid.The formula proliposomal gurantees the formation of liposomes once mixed as the final preparation. The liposome anticellulitic solution has the following acti..
  • Anticellulitic Natural Extracts Solution


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    * Asian Centella : Asian Centella is a plant naturally growing in Madagascar and around Indian Ocean. It has been used over centuries in the Asian traditional medicine. Active principles of Asian Centella Extract are made by three tirterpenic components: Asian, madecasic Acids, and asiaticosids as the major active substance ..
  • Dermclar PlasmaVit (10ml.)

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    Dermclar PlasmaVit (10ml.) Dermclar PlasmaVit is a revitalizer specially developed to help strengthen the skin and give it a total and deep hydration. Indicated for tired or dull skins, or with the need to improve the appearance of the skin with signs of aging and / or photo-aging, presence of wrinkles and lines of expression..
  • Dermeso Celu 10ml

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    This is an ideal mixing ratio of metabolically active substances and trace elements with a high anti-inflammatory and restructuring lipolytic impact that favours biolipolytic activity in the tissue initially and, in second place, vasoactivity and tissular exchange which, by removing inflammation from the tissue and lowering the ..
  • Dermeso Firm 10ml

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    A special firming and anti-ageing mixture, designed with trace elements and biostimulants, which improves metabolic cascades which generate proteins for the connective tissue. This mixture is ideal for dealing with flaccidity of the skin in the large segments of the body, particularly after slimming treatments or to slow down th..
  • Dermeso Obes 10ml

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    We present a mixture which synergises the nutritional effects of the trace elements in the metabolic system, with powerful recognised lipolythics. Ideal for dealing with adipose tissues and obesity in any person. Particularly recommended for patients who have traditionally been subjected to diets poor in nutrients, hoping to los..
  • Double chin and abdomen liposomes 5ml.

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    The localized body fat has been an aesthetic problem which recquires a combination of substances,with a proven lipolytic effect,and helping restructurate and hydrate the area,preventing flaccidity due to the reduction or elimination of adiposites. ORGANIC SILICON:it is an organic structure element of the connective tissue,it ..
  • Gluta-1200 10ml

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    Glutathione is a non-essential compound that is synthesized in the body's cells, especially in the liver. It is formed of three amino acids that are not essential either (lysine, glycine and glutamic acid). Synthesis of glutathione occurs due to the effects of oxidative stress to which all cells are exposed during the vital proc..
  • Hydraderm 3,5%

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    Sodium Hyaluronate is a glycosaminoglycan with a disaccharide structure comprising: A). D-Glucuronic Acid. B). N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine Actions: 1. MOISTURIZING AND RESTRUCTURING: Results in firmness and compatibility, maintains the extracellular space between the bottom layer of the cells and the epidermis. 2. FI..
  • Natural Reducing Extracts Solution

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    * Asian Centella is a plant naturally growing in Madagascar and around Indian Ocean. It has been used over the centuries in the Asian traditional medicine  Active principles of Asian Centella Extract consist of three triterpenic components: Asian, Madecasic acids and asiaticoside as the major active substance and the main ..
  • Novaform (100 ml.)

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     ... is an innovative, highly concentrated active agent against Cellulite. NovaForm has an extraordinary effectiveness through its active and natural ingredients:   Chrysin, Coffeine and Bupleurum Extract ...improve splitting up fat tissue.   Carnitin and CoEnzym A ...accelerate the degadation..
  • Rejuvi U Breast Firming Complex (100 ml.)

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    Breast Firming Complex uses the same mechanisms as the cream, but in a highly penetrating and convenient spray. Easy to Use Spray Instant Tightening Effect Contains Phytoestrogens to Encourage Growth Pueraria Mirifica Helps Maintain Shape and Firmness Tightens and Lifts Application:Apply a small amount on the ..
  • Remolding Solution

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    Phosphatidilcholine is a phosphoglyceryde (phospholipid derived from Glycerol) mostly found in cell membrane of higher organisms. Elicits mobilizing lipotropic action, increasing adipocyte membrane fluidity or permeability, promoting lipidic component removal . Phosphotidilcholine primary acts promoting fatty acid transpor..