Decorative cosmetics

  • Bella black eyebrow pencil

    Item Code: BFAO-0001b

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    Specially designed pencil eyebrow permanent makeup procedure. Excellent drawing eyebrows, as well as easily removed by. Color: Black ..
  • Bella brown eyebrow pencil

    Item Code: BFAO-0001s

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    Specially designed pencil eyebrow permanent makeup procedure. Excellent drawing eyebrows, as well as easily removed by. Color: Brown ..
  • Bella eyebrow pencil (light brown)

    Item Code: BFAO-0005

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    Specially designed pencil eyebrow permanent makeup procedure. Excellent drawing eyebrows, as well as easily removed by. Color: light brown ..
  • Brow Base by CC Brow 50 ml.

    Item Code: CCBrowBase

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    Base for coloring eyebrows with allantoin and lactic acid.Specially developed base composition tightens pores, peels off the top layer and evens out the skin surface, preparing it for staining. As a result, dye falls smoother and lasts longer. Does not dry, suitable for sensitive and problem skin.Application: moisten a cotton pa..
  • CC brow 3D brow liner

    Item Code: CCBrow3D

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    This eyebrow pen was developed to help you create flawless and natural looking eyebrows. How to use it - 3 Steps1 Tip the pen tip 45 degree and gently apply the pencil to draw the contour of eyebrow2 Use the eyebrows pen fill in color evenly 3 Draw the the vivid and natural eyebrows...
  • CC BROW Brow Corrector

    Item Code: CCBROWCo

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Concealer is needed in order to emphasize the shape of the eyebrow. It is applied after using henna or eyebrow makeup. Pencil-shaped concealer is very convenient to use. It has a creamy texture, so it is easy to apply. Ideal for all skin types...
  • CC Brow Contour pencil

    Item Code: BrCPen

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Pencil is easy to use and ideally suits both professional and beginners. The pencil pencil allows you to draw smooth and clear lines of any width and emphasizes the bend of the eyebrows.Changing the force of pressure, you can either emphasize the line of the eyebrows, or give them a fashionable graphic outline...
  • CC Brow Cushion for eyebrow (brown mix)

    Item Code: CCBrowCushion

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Product descriptionThanks to the unique creamy formula, cushion is easy to apply and shade, creating a variety of images - from a light shade to clear graphic eyebrows. Two cool shades will help create an ombre effect or get a universal gray-brown shade when mixed.Packaging eyebrow cushion has a comfortable mirror, a folding bru..
  • CC brow Liquid brow pen

    Item Code: CCBrowLiq

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    A liquid brow pen that helps to define and enhance the natural shape of your eyebrows with ease. It is specially-designed with an ultra-fine tip applicator for realistic hair-like strokes. An eyebrow pencil can be used the same way as a pencil eyeliner.Water and oil-resistant to last throughout the day without smudging...
  • CC Brow Micro Brow pencil (double)

    Item Code: CCBrowMicro

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    This dual-ended Micro Brow Pencil sculpts and tidies your arches with minimal effort. A well-shaped brow should elegantly frame your face and bring a make up look together without being too prominent itself – and this is the perfect product to help you achieve that effect. With a finely tipped crayon at one end and a spooley bru..
  • CC Brow Powder for eyebrows

    Item Code: CCpow

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Creates perfectly matched brows in a matter of seconds.Apply light pressure for subtle looks or add pressure to turn up the drama!Shape & define for a fuller brow or fill in sparse eyebrows.Especially suitable for owners of oily skin.The powder is presented in five shades, which will suit any type of appearance...
  • CC Brow Primer (Cleanser) 50ml.

    Item Code: CCPrimer

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    CC Brow Primer (Cleanser) 50ml. ..
  • CC Brow Professional Eyebrow brush set 6 pcs

    Item Code: CCBrow6br

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Designed for applying fat, wax, gel, cream, pressed, hard and soft textures. Used in the application technique - wet. The elastic brush, well picks up and gives any materials, can cause and bright spot, and clear boundaries, and shade.Recommended by professionals, resistant to aggressive substancesNr1 Brush for henna T11, CC Bro..
  • Eyebrow Pencil & Brush

    Item Code: PenBrush

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Eyebrow Pencil & BrushColor: Black..
  • Lip gloss 7 days Magic Pink up
    12.00€ 18.00€

    Item Code: GMP7

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    Lip gloss 7 days Magic Pink up ..
  • Lucas Cosmetics Cover up Liquid 5 ml

    Item Code: LucasCoverup

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Lucas Cosmetics Cover up Liquid 5 mlHe will be the perfect assistant:- To hide dark circles under the eyes;- hide irregularities of the skin, problem areas, redness and pigment spots;- enhance the radiance of the skin and give a fresh look.Useful trace elements to care for the skin around the eyes. And that means no early wrinkl..