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  • Lip gloss 7 days Magic Pink up
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    Lip gloss 7 days Magic Pink up ..
  • Lip pencil (red)

    Item Code: BFAO-0006

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    Specially designed pencil lip permanent makeup procedure. Excellent drawing lip, as well as easily removed by.Color: Red..
  • Lucas' Cosmetics Pencil Sharpener

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    About the product2 DIFFERENT SIZES - cosmetics pencil sharpener accommodates two different size pencils.GREAT FOR LIP LINERS & EYE LINER PENCILS - use for you lip liner and eyeliner pencils.REMOVABLE COVER - cover collects shavings and gives you visibility to your sharpening...
  • Mastor® Persistent Red Temptation
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    Mastor® Persistent Red Temptation Mastor Persistent Red Temptation Permanent makeup waterproof Lip gloss *Fade dark skin color,control growth of melanin ,make your lip keep red and bright *Waterproof,long-lasting above 24 hours *Natural plant keep your lip moist Product Description: Function: 1.It can push t..
  • MIB® pencil

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    MIB® pencil ..
  • Professional Wood Lipliner Waterproof Pencil 1pcs.

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    Features:100% Brand new and high quality.Easy to wear and well defined lipliner pencilIt\`s natural and make you beautyWaterproof and long stay..
  • SOPHIE BONTE lips gloss 5g.

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    Lucas Cosmetics introduces a new line of Sophie Bonte makeup products. Together with French partners and Julie Papouin, designer of Vogue magazine, professional-quality products were developed.JUTEUX LEVRES Lip Gloss:-convenient applicator-natural shades-lasts up to 12 hours-visually increases lip volume..
  • SOPHIE BONTE lips pencil

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    - Gel texture;- Does not flow;- Effortlessly shapes and adds definition to lips;- Beautiful an assortment...
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    Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil 1 pcs.
    Waterproof Lip Liner Pencil 1 pcs.

    Item Code: LipLiner

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    Specifications:Dimensions: (5.43 * 0.31)" / (13.80 * 0.80)cm (L *  D)Net weight: 5GFeatures:1. It can make your lips spirited immediately2. Perfect for daily use3. Soft and warm, it can make long-lasting effect4. Very easy to use, shortly create a pair of charming lipsPackage includes:1 Colors Lip Liner Pencils..
  • Purebeau pencil

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  • Goochie pencil

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    Goochie pencil. Waterproof, soft. Contains vitamins A + D. Carved normal pencil sharpener. ..
  • Pencil's razor (10pc.)

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    Pencil's razor (10pc.) ..