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  • Aquapiel 50 ml

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    Acuapiel serum is an exquisite liposome suspension of olive oil, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, capillary biocenta, and Col-marine S and DNA AN, with LIPOMOIST-2036. This face and body serum may improve hydration and skin nutrition, rejuvenate, and markedly reduces moisture-loss. On the scalp, it may help improve the quality and ..
  • Dermclar Aesthetic Solution of Argireline & Leuphasyl 2ml

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    ARGIRELINE: apowerfull hexapeptide -antiwrinkles,an ultimate alternative to botox. One of the changes associated to aging is the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles do to squinting,frowning and smiling.The facial muscle contraction is produce by the liberation of neurotransmitters.The SNARE complex(snap receptor)is essential..
  • Dermclar Aesthetic Solution Of Vitamin C 2ml.

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    VITAMINE C (ascorbic acid) is essential in the formation of collagen,present in the connective tissue(fibrous tissue) due to its property to simulate the collagen formation from fribroblastus.Thanks to this precents the damage of skin in the intrinsec and extrinsec aging(sun exposure,etc.)It is also a potent redox over free radi..
  • Dermclar Decongest Solution/ Melilotus Extract 2ml

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    EXTRACT OF MELILOTO + RUTINE is a venotonic and vasculoprotector agent with lymphokinetic activity eliciting the following actions: 1. Antispasmodic action, basically owing to courmarin containing EXTRACT OF MELILOTO elicited at two levels: a) On smooth mucleus fiber, therefore, on all elements of circulatory system b) On l..
  • Dermclar Derm Face 10ml.

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    We present a mixture of vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants, biostimulants and firming agents with special impact on the skin cells and the fibres of the subcutaneous tissue associated to muscle relaxants with a mild but prolonged action. Very useful in the preventative treatment of changes typical of skin ageing, particu..
  • Dermclar Derm Lipoface OB 5ml.

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    DescriptionProfessional Use. Help to reduce the double-chin area.Warning Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if sings of irritation appear. Keep out of children. Injectable...
  • Dermclar Derm Lipoface V 5ml.

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    DescriptionProfessional Use. Help to reduce sagging skin and improve elasticity and the face contour.WarningAvoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if sings of irritation appear. Keep out of children. Injectable. ..
  • Dermclar Derm PlasmaVit 10ml.

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    Dermclar PlasmaVit (10ml.) Dermclar PlasmaVit is a revitalizer specially developed to help strengthen the skin and give it a total and deep hydration. Indicated for tired or dull skins, or with the need to improve the appearance of the skin with signs of aging and / or photo-aging, presence of wrinkles and lines of expression..
  • Dermclar Filler Face 30ml.
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    -Plumping effect that improves contours and fine wrinkles, giving firmness, hydration and freshness to the face. -Ultramicronized Hyaluronic Acid, Adifyline and Bell Fito Complex.   Warning  Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if sings of irritation appear. Keep out of children. Not injectable. Not..
  • Dermclar Hyaluderm 5 ml

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    Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan with a disaccharide structure comprising: A). D-glucuronic Acid.  B). N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine Actions:  1. MOISTURIZING AND RESTRUCTURING:  It results in firmness and compatibility, maintains the extracellular space between the bottom layer of cells and the epidermis.&n..
  • Dermclar Hydraderm LW 1%

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    Hyaluronic Acid in HYDRADERM 1% is a substance with a composition derived from biotechnology, highly purified, with a state of the art development. The Hyaluronic Acid molecule has a higher water holding capacity than other active substances. The skin is toned and more compact and firm. It encourages the production of n..
  • Dermclar Lift Solution (Dmae 3%) 2ml

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    The DMAE is a precousor of the ACETYLCHOLINE(neurotransmitter)participates in the convertion of the choline to acetilcholine.Important neurotransmitter due to the extensive receptors of it at different type of cells in the skin. The effects of the DMAE by incresing the acetilcholine at an extracellular level are: *Tensor eff..
  • Dermclar Liposomes - Wrinkles 2 ml

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    One of the most characteristic features of cutaneous aging is the increase and deepening of wrinkles or depressions that form along the lines of expression on the face. ARGIRELINE: is a powerful hexapeptide, anti-wrinkle agent that acts similarly to Botulinum Toxin. LEUPHASY: is a new pentapeptide that has been developed t..
  • Dermclar Whitening (5ml.)

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    Dermclar Whitening (5ml.) Dermclar Whithening is a novel product because it acts in a new way in the treatment of pigmentation spots: the neural pathway since it inhibits the molecules of cellular stress and the action of substance P. Intended to normalize and improve the pigmentation of both the melanin origin and that pr..
  • Liposomes eye countour 2 ml

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    With aging the skin elasticity is lost,muscles weaken,with time the flaccidity forms folds on eye lids,the orbital fat pads become prominent,becoming apparent.Microscopic blood vessels under the eyes can loose their stability and strenght.The body conpensates by forming new ones.there is also edema,by deficiency in lymphatic cir..
  • Liposomes face, neck and low neck 5 ml

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    ALDELINE:actively prevents aging of cutaneous tissue by its marked antioxidant effect,helping detoxication of skin from RSC (reactive carbonic species) radicals very harm,present by sun exposure.Also prevents the DNA from UVA radiations. LIPOCROM 6:prevents the skin damage due to RNS(reactive nitrogen species)and also ROS(rea..