Acne Care

  • Rejuvi ' p ' Normalizing Cream (120 g.)

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    Most problematic facial skin creams just to clean and eliminates bacteria and of the effects of these creams and skin problems are quickly returning. Rejuvi P oiliness of the skin skin cream works normalizing hormone balance, normalization of sebum secretion, restores pH balance, soothes and protects the skin. Cream tightens por..
  • Rejuvi ' p ' Solution for Acne Skin (10 ml.)

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    A fluid formula meant to enhance the effectivness of acne treatments Rejuvi ''p'' Solution for Acne Skin buffs away dead skin and impurities with naturally exfoliating fruit acids, allowing acne medication to penetrate the skin. Designed to be used with Rejuvi ''p'' Normalizing Cream, this weightless formula enhances its bene..
  • Rejuvi 'y' Renewal Gel w EGF (30 ml.)

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    This weightless gel glides on the skin, enveloping your skin an aqueous mixture of aloe vera, calming chamomile and moisturizing jojoba esters. Also infused with suma root extract, this soothing gel also reduces inflammation, enhances immune system and helps normalize your skin. EGF, epidermal growth factor, further helps promot..
  • Rejuvi Normalizing Formula (120 ml.)

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  • Rejuvi Normalizing Formula (30 ml.)

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  • Rejuvi Conditioning Formula (60 ml.)

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