Scar/Stretch Mark annihilation

  • Skin Monarch Master care (15 ml.)

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    Skin Monarch Master care (15 ml.)Use right after Permanent make up, microblading or Tattoo procedure, injection, laser treatments. Apply cream in small amount and procedure is finish. Removes redness, helps to heal faster, recover skin after intervention treatments, hydrates and stimulates epidermis. Ingredients: ..
  • Rejuvi Scarcare Gel (14,5 g)

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    An innovative scar diminishing gel that helps soften scar tissue and fade discoloration. Diminish unsightly scars with Revjui Scarecare Gel, a unique treatment for helping reduce the look and feel of scars. Formulated with potassium iodide and licorice extract, this lightweight gel targets scar tissue to soften and fade darkene..
  • Goochie Scar Repair Liquid for permanent make up (3ml.X 6)

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    Goochie Scar Repair Liquid for permanent make up (3ml.X 6) AMINO ACID ANTIAGING MOLD - BF CF EGF Use this product in the wound evenly spread twice, 4 times a day. Wound surface will be restored it continuous use for 15 days. It has special effects for the scar. Quantity: 3ml.X 6   ..