Tatu-Derm Roll


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      Tatu-Derm Roll

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      Tatu Derm Roll - Breathable Transparent Protection

      This specially designed product is from the experts at Tatu You. Ensure that your clients' tattoos have the best conditions for superb healing. Help preserve your artwork by ensuring that the initial aftercare process of the tattoo is easy and simple. By using Tatu Derm with your clients, you are showing them that you are truly committed to keeping their tattoo looking its best for a lifetime. This innovative product is the ideal product for immediate use after a freshly completed tattoo is done. It provides a sterile and bacteria-free barrier for the raw and open area of skin. By keeping the tattoo protected, you can reassure your clients that their new ink will be cared for properly with minimal effort from them. Tatu Derm also acts as a waterproof barrier, meaning there is no fuss or awkwardness when trying to keep your new tattoo dry whilst showering or swimming. Tatu Derm acts as a second skin for the tattoo, as it is both flexible and breathable. This is vital for the healing process, as many bandages can prevent the skin from repairing itself properly and can distort the image of the tattoo design. The barrier is also a latex free material, meaning it is suitable for clients with allergies to latex and similar products.

      Tatu-Derm 1 roll, 6" x 180" inch (15 x 457 cm). Packaged and sterilized. One roll will cover 20 average tattoos. 

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      Tatu-Derm Roll

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