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      Cutasept disinfection solution 250ml
      • Cutasept disinfection solution 250ml

      Cutasept disinfection solution 250ml


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      Cutasept disinfection solution 250ml

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      The active substances - alcohol and quaternary ammonium compound. 100 g of solution contains 63.0 g of 2 propanol alcohol and 0.025 g benzolkoniumchlorido .


      Colorless , clear liquid product is being prepared for use. Active against bacteria incl . TB , fungi, and inactivates HBV , HIV , lipophilic , Rota - , Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus . The solution pH - 8.0 to 9.0 .


      Skin disinfection prior procedures : injections, blood sampling , cannulation puncture. Skin disinfection before invasive procedures where minor injuries . Skin disinfection with bacterial and fungal infections egzematozinėms . Pre and post-operative skin apruošimui , hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. . It is also suitable for the feet and footwear disinfection


      Skin disinfection before injections and blood sampling - 15 sec exposure . Injection site Cutasept F abundant wet and dry sterile swab , re- wet preparation and allow the skin to dry . Drying time is life. Prior to invasive procedures , minor injuries , egzematozinėms bacterial or fungal infections - completely disinfected moistening the surface of the skin to maintain moisture at least one minutės.Odos intraartikulinėms preparation for injection, arthroscopy , puncture , vascular catheterization before and wound care: lubricate the skin with a sterile swab to maintain moisture 1 min . ; skin with many sebaceous glands to maintain humidity for 10 minutes . Before surgical procedures for the skin to dry completely. Before the removal of the stitches seam area applied or sprayed with a Cutasept F. After the thread removal skin again wetted.

      Hygienic hand disinfection - Dry your hands wet and rub in well preparation. Use little preparation , so that the hands are wet for at least 30 seconds.

      Surgical hand disinfection - hands and forearms thoroughly washed with soap and cool under running water. Soft brushes are used to get only mouth wash . Forearms can be used to wash sponge. Good washing soap foam, dry hands and forearms with a tissue on the skin outwards, drained ( sprayed ) 5 ml Cutasept F , which (about 2.5 min.) Rubbed into the skin until dry. Once again, adding 5 ml of the preparation and re- brushed and polished . Surgical hand disinfection duration of less than 5 minutes.


      R10 Flammable . S2 Keep out of reach of children. S16 Keep away from sources of heat . Do not smoke . In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. If ingested, gastric lavage, drinking water , consult a physician. Ignites the fire with water , foam , carbon dioxide.

      Closed original carton at temperatures above 50 º C temperature.

      MANUFACTURER : BODE Chemie GmbH , Germany

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      Cutasept disinfection solution 250ml

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