MESONUMB Topical Gel - 60 / 120 g.


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      MESONUMB Topical Gel - 60 / 120 g.

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      Gel that is used for any cosmetic work such as LASER, PRAXEL, THERMAGE, FEATHER LIFT, DERMA ROLLER, FILLERS, MESOTHERAPY or DERMOPIGMENTATION and more other types of Cosmetic Lunch break procedures. 

      Its benefit is that it is packaged in a unique liposome form which allows the medication to be directly delivered through the skin. These three agents work together resulting in almost immediate pain relief much more potent than when used alone. 

      This allows the practitioner to manage a more accurate schedule, saving time and increasing productivity.


      1.    Before application, clean the area to be treated with rubbing alcohol to remove all dirt and oils from the surface.

      2.    Apply MESONUMB to intact skin only.
      Apply a thin to medium layer 20 minutes prior to the procedure, gently massage to the skin 3 minutes for a total penetration leave for 20 minutes no need to wrap, you may cover with a plastic wrap on the top but do not wrap.

      3.    Do not wipe or rub the area for at least 30 minutes after application. The effects will occur within 10-20 minutes after application.

      4.    If you do not use latex gloves to apply, then immediately wash your hands after application.


      ·  Do not allow the product to enter the eye.

      ·  Do not apply to an area larger than 6 inches or 15 cm square.

      ·  Do not apply to mucous membranes.

      ·  Do not use if pregnant or lactating.

      ·  Do not wrap the area with plastic wrap after application.

      ·  Do not use Not with Collagenase or Phosphatidilcholine if use for LIPOTHERAPY.

      Mesonumb may cause a temporary whitening of the skin, followed by local redness or slight swelling.

      Kiti Gamintojai
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      MESONUMB Topical Gel - 60 / 120 g.

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