MESONUMB Topical Gel - 60 / 120 g.


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      MESONUMB Topical Gel - 60 / 120 g. Mesodermal Mesonumb – is a local anesthetic gel. It can be used for permanent make up procedures, laser treatments, thermage, mesotherapy, derma- roller procedures and more other types of cosmetic treatments. 


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      Mesodermal company is based in the USA and provides the basic premise products for medical aesthetic. Company is using advanced technology and very high quality products. 

      Mesodermal Mesonumb – is a local anesthetic gel. It can be used for permanent make up procedures, laser treatments, thermage, mesotherapy, derma- roller procedures and more other types of cosmetic treatments. 

      Contains: Benzocaine 20%, Lidocaine 6% and Tetracaine 4%. These three ingredients work perfectly together and result in almost immediate pain relief much more potent than when used alone.

      How to use? 

      Mesonumb topical gel is very easy to use. Numbing gel can be used only before procedure on unbroken skin. Before use very carefuly clean treated area. Apply a thin to a medium layer on skin and massage it to the skin for 3 minutes. After that you may cover (but do not wrap) with nutritious film and  leave Mesonumb cream on skin for 20minutes. Apply only using gloves, otherwise after aplication wash your hands immediately.

      Important information

      - Avoid contact with eyes; 

      - Do not apply larger area than 15cm square; 

      - After application do not wrap the area with plastic wrap;

      - Do not use if customer is pregnant or during lactating;

      - If use for Liptherapy treatment do not use not with Collagenase and Phosphatidilcholine;

      - Usage is not allowed if customer is allergic to lidocaine, tetracaine or benzocaine. You can ask customer about this indications or do a patch test.

      Please, note that this anesthetic gel can cause temporary skin whitening effect which can be followed by local skin redness or small swelling. 

      Package: Mesonumb is packed in comfortable package and is available in to sizes – 60grams and 120 grams. Both packages are user friendly. 

      Storage: Keep numbing gel in a cool and dry place.

      Mesonumb topical gel is perfect  numbing gel for cosmetic treatments. In our online store you can choose from big variety of anesthetics which are provided from Skin Monarch brand or other world’s best trademarks. Even the most demanding artist will find best solution for their procedures. 

      In our online shop you can find many others products for your procedure. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support-we are more than happy to help you. 

      Have a nice shopping with us! 



      Rebecca – I am using Mesodermal numbing for laser treatments already few years and it is topical numbing cream for my treatments. 

      Lisa - Mesonumb cream is my first choice for permanent make up procedure. Very effective numbing and my clients feels super comfortable during procedure!

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      Milano   02/04/2021
      mesonumb canada

      Good stuff! Works great!

        Roberta   02/03/2021
        mesonumb amazon

        This stuff really works and is easy to use.

          Kaelly   01/26/2021
          mesodermal mesonumb

          This works wonders.

            Katie   01/21/2021
            mesonumb topical gel

            Works for pain.

              Scot   01/20/2021
              mesonumb buy in usa

              Great products. We buy often and keep reordering.

                Gray   01/14/2021
                mesonumb topical gel mesodermal

                I just love this product!

                  Kindle   01/11/2021

                  I would give it 5 stars

                    Isabelle   01/06/2021
                    best numb

                    I have no complaints about these numb

                      Elizabeth   12/17/2020
                      works perfectly!!

                      I ordered this from the recommendation of my tattoo artist & was very happy with the result. It is expensive but is worth it to me because it does the job.

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                        MESONUMB Topical Gel - 60 / 120 g.

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