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      Dermasculpt Cannulas 1pcs.


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      Dermasculpt Cannulas 1pcs.


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      Dermasculpt blunt microcannula can be used for thick HA and non HA fillers for medium to deep injections (can be used for most facial indications).

      -Virtually no bruising

      -Considerably less pain

      -Minimal downtime

      -Single point of entry for wider coverage

      -Stimulates new collagen production

      30G x 25mm- Tear trough, fine lines - precise work

      27G x 25mm- Shorter length for a precise injection

      23G x 29mm- Precision for thick fillers

      27G x 40mm- Most versatile size, used for most facial indications

      25G x 40mm- Can be used for most facial indications

      25G x 50mm- Extra length to cover larger treatment area

      22G x 50mm- Most versatile size for thick fillers

      22G x 70mm- Extra length - Perfect for the hands

      18G x 70mm- Disposable blunt microcannula can be used for facial fat graft (not recommended for fillers)


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      Dermasculpt Cannulas 1pcs.

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