Di‘Angelo No1 Lift Cream (15ml.)


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      Di‘Angelo No1 Lift Cream (15ml.)

      No 1 Lift- Cream for immediate removal of wrinkles in 3 minutes.

      Absolute new on the market, using the latest knowledge of the cosmetic industry.Revolutionary cream that removes wrinkles around the eyes within 3 minutes . You can see how the skin stretches and wrinkles disappear.

      Product Description

      No1Lift- Eye cream for the immediate eye wrinkle smoothing

      Discover the secrets of celebrities and World stars. Forget cosmetic surgery. Revolutionary composition of No1Lift cream smooths your wrinkles within 3 minutes!

      In addition, the skin around your eyes will be radiant and smoothed,  bags under the eyes will be reduced. No1Lift  lightens dark circles and the lines will be significantly smoother. Cream No1Lift acts against dehydration and keeps your skin refreshed for long time period. Green tea extracts and other ingredients  soothes and protect your skin from external enviroment.

      Apply  No1Lift cream every morning on clean and dry skin, a half of a pea-size amount on the wrinkles in the eye area and allow to dry. Within a few minutes you will notice the big difference. When No1Lift  dries off, apply your day cream for easier make-up application.

      The cream contains no parabens or other harmful substances. It has not been tested on animals.

      How the cream works:

      The cream ingrediencies bound  silicon atoms with oxygen and create a network, which binds to the skin and the directly effects the skin off. The skin is oxygenated and also detoxified.

      The effect of the cream:

      Thanks to the revolutionary ingrediencies No1Lift folders off the skin immediately, fills in the fine lines and whitens the skin. The effect of turning off wrinkles occurs after 2-3 minutes and lasts for a period of approximately 8 hours. Skin is hydrated and protected against external influences, one of the ingredients, green tea, also acts as an antioxidant. The skin is velvety to the touch and you will have a feeling of lightness.


      Apply to the eye area the amount of half of a pea (dosage is individual) and rub it into the fine wrinkles. Let it dry and you will see immediately  how the skin offs and wrinkles disappear. For  better make-up application apply a day cream as well. At night wash off the cream No1Lift with water or makeup remover.

      Duration of use:

      You can use No1Lift as long as you want to. It does not have any negative or side effects, and it is intended for everyday application. One bottle usually lasts for 3-4 months.


      In order to achieve the perfect look of your eyelashes use the serum No1Lash. It extends your eyelashes up to twice of their length.

      Manufacturer:Di Angelo Cosmetics, Italy.

      Composition of No1Lift cream:

      Carbomer is a relatively new element in cosmetics that isused to increase the viscosity of creams. For its  features it is used in conjunction with other elements acting on the skin, especially in pure and natural substances. It also causes subtle illumination of the skin.


      This polyorganic element is one of the main ingredients in the cream, which smooths out the skin. Silicon atoms bind with oxygen atoms and they create a net structure that binds to the skin and causes its immediate smoothing. This is also good, and it helps oxygenates and other ingrediencím in cream.


      One of the main components of No1Lift cream. This element brightens the skin, gives her a smooth and soft texture and fills fine wrinkles. The skin gets a fresh and youthful appearance.


      The element, which is  probably the most commonly used in luxury anti-aging creams and treatments. It protects the skin against dehydration, rejuvenates it and acts as a barrier against the harmful influences of external enviroment. It also fills in wrinkles and smooths the skin, it completes  functions of the other elements in the revolutionary cream No1Lift.


      It is also called an element of lightness. It gives the skin a fresh feeling and protects it from external influences.


      Triethanolamine has the ability to absorb the acids.In No1Lift is used to balance the ph and works as a preservative. This element is often used in high-quality skin and hair cosmetics.

      Green Tea

      Green tea extracts are one of the best natural antioxidants.


      Water is used only for dilution of the ingredients.

      Di‘Angelo No

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      Di‘Angelo No1 Lift  Cream (15ml.)

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