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      SOLUTIONS Cosmeceuticals SUPREME DIRECT EYE-LIFT (6ml.)

      Superior instant eye-lifting gel, works within 2 minutes!

      Do you want less wrinkles immediately? Then this highly concentrated eye-gel is something for you. The gel gives you a 10 year younger look in only 2 minutes. After several years of research in our laboratories, now the very best instant solution against wrinkles around the eyes is available for you.


      – immediately smoothes away wrinkles and fine lines
      – is 100% natural
      – works 8-10 hours
      – feels comfortable after applying
      – is invisible after applying

      How does SUPREME DIRECT EYE-LIFT work?
      This gel contains a very special mix of high quality ingredients which causes an immediate fabulous reduction in the depth of wrinkles and a tangible strengthening of the skin. A very thin transparant layer (film) forms on the skin and keeps the skin tight for 8-10 hours. The base of SUPREME DIRECT EYE-LIFT consists of bentonite, a fine white clay, which has revitalizing properties and strengthens the skin.

      SUPREME DIRECT EYE-LIFT can be used in combination with a daycream and with make-up. The gel is safe for the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and economic in use. It was tested dermatologically and not on animals. The results have been proven scientifically. The gel does not contain parabens and perfume.


      We produce this gel with the biological ingredients Bentonite en Aluminum salt. The glycerin is derived from plants. We did not add paraben and perfume. A negligible amount of 0,01% ethanolamine has been added as a preservative.

      The use of aluminum (salts) in cosmetics is contentious at the moment. Because it should be carcinogenic (breast cancer). Luckily the aluminum salt used by us cannot penetrate into the skin. The particles (molecules) are too big. Also, this product is 100% safe for your health.

      INCI: Aqua, Glycerin, Bentonite, Aluminium Carboxymethylcellulose, Ethanolamine.

      SOLUTIONS Cosmeceuticals
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      SOLUTIONS Cosmeceuticals SUPREME DIRECT EYE-LIFT (6ml.)

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