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      Rejuville Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp (360 ml.)


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      Rejuville Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp (360 ml.)

      For eliminating unpleasant dandruff.
      Rejuville Shampoo for Dandruff scalp utilizes a combination of several detergents removing dandruff thoroughly from scalp during the cleansing process. Sebaceous glands secrete sebum to lubricate hair; however, the excessive sebum can accumulate to form undesirable dandruff. Rejuville utilizes a special combination of zinc pyrithione and salicylic acid to effectively suppress the oil production of sebaceous glands. A significant reduction of dandruff can be observed in 3-4 days with daily use.

      For better results leave the Shampoo on scalp for 20-30 seconds before rinsing off. After dandruff has been substantially eliminated, the application may be reduced to once a week to maintain a dandruff-free condition.

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      Rejuville Shampoo for Dandruff Scalp (360 ml.)

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