ENVY Gen2 Nano PMU Cartridges (1pcs)


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      The Nano PMU cartridges offer a sleeker, lighter design and the industry's first finger ledge; providing a level of comfort and control never-before seen in a needle cartridge.


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      The Nano cartridges are specially designed for face esthetics or scalp micropigmentation. and provide the same high standard quality as all of our Envy cartridges.

      Finer Detail - Engineered & optimized to exceed the quality standard of the facial esthetics industry, the Nano cartridge needles empower artists to create fine lines and realistic hair strokes.

      Perfect Needle Taper - Envy cartridge needles are perfectly shaped and they offer a configuration for every need

      Cartridge Finger Ledge - Unique & industry-first feature, the cartridge finger ledge gives you the perfect place to rest your finger while working.

      Quality Process - Envy has the highest standard QC process in the industry. Each needle must undergo a thorough 30-point inspection process before it can earn the Envy name.

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      ENVY Gen2 Nano PMU Cartridges (1pcs)

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