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      Silcare Nail Drill Machine
      • Silcare Nail Drill Machine

      Silcare Nail Drill Machine DM-9


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      Silcare DM-9 Drill Machine is a professional device made of high quality materials. 

      Thanks to it, you will quickly and effectively get rid of cuticles and hard skin, remove gel or hybrid gel polish from the surface of the nail plate, as well as drill and carve artificial tips and acrylic mass.

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      Working with this device is easy and pleasant due to the convenient foot pedal and possibility to change the direction of rotation! We recommend the drill machine not only to beginners, but also to more experienced nail stylists.

      The device comes with a set of 6 universal drill bits thanks to which you will do any manicure and pedicure.

      Technical parameters:

      Maximum power consumption: 30W;

      Rated power input: 220-240V 50-60Hz;

      Machine dimensions: 115 x 150 x 70 mm;

      Machine head dimensions: 30 x 160 mm;

      Rotation: 5000-35000 RPM;

      Direction of rotation – right/left (switch);

      Head with innovative twist-lock system (fast and comfortable change of drill bits in a single motion);

      Overload and overvoltage protection system that protects the device from damage;

      Pressing and holding down the foot pedal enables maximum working speed of the drill machine;

      Standard drill bits of 2.35mm diameter can be used.

      Silcare Nail Drill Machine DM-9 is a professional grade nail drill that provides salon-quality results with ease. This machine is designed to help manicurists and pedicurists quickly, safely, and efficiently file down nails for manicures or pedicures. The Silcare Nail Drill Machine DM-9 has an ergonomic design that helps reduce fatigue while in use. It also features adjustable speeds ranging from 5000 to 35000 RPMs so you can customize the speed according to your needs. Additionally, it comes with a range of interchangeable bits as well as six different grinding heads for precision filing of natural nails or artificial acrylics/gels/fibreglass extensions. 

      The Silcare Nail Drill Machine DM-9 also offers several safety features such as an automatic shutoff when the motor gets too hot and built in overheat protection which prevents damage caused by excessive heat during prolonged operation periods. Its low noise level ensures comfort while working on clients’ nails without disturbing them unnecessarily loud noises associated with other electric nail drills on the market today . Furthermore , its lightweight body makes it easy to transport between salons if needed . 

      Overall , this high quality product from Silcare offers superior performance at an affordable price point making it one of the best choices available for anyone looking for a reliable yet cost effective solution when performing manicure or pedicure treatments professionally . With its powerful motor , wide range of options & accessories plus numerous safety measures included – there’s no doubt why this particular model remains one of most popular amongst professionals around globe year after year !

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      Silcare Nail Drill Machine DM-9

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