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      Silcare QUIN Coenzyme Q10 Hand Serum (30ml)
      • Silcare QUIN Coenzyme Q10 Hand Serum (30ml)

      Silcare QUIN Coenzyme Q10 Hand Serum (30ml)


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      QUIN Coenzyme Q10 Hand Serum – perfect for people whose skin of hands is dry, flaky, mature, flabby and with a weaken resilience.

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      The serum helps to preserve a young look and healthy skin color, improves skin’s condition and flexibility. Enables increase of skin’s elasticity and moisture level.     

      Coenzyme Q10’s content reduces small wrinkles and shallows the deep ones. Additionally, it has special antioxidant properties, it effectively counteracts free radicals as well as protects against UVA radiation.

      The product also contains glycerin which maintains the skin’s proper moisture level, while the hydrolysed silk creates a thin film on its surface that smoothes, protects and conditions. 

      You’ll also find vitamin E in the serum which is responsible for slowing down the ageing process, it also exhibits nourishing, regenerating and moisturizing-oiling  properties. 

      Moreover, it effectively supports skin’s UV protection. The serum has a perfume-flower fragrance which lasts long on the skin. 

      Regular use of coenzyme Q10 hand serum has beneficial effects on skin. It can prevent linked to the age loss of hyaluronic acid. 

      Improves skin’s capability of delaying and even preventing it from unfavorable changes related to the ageing process as well as skin’s photoageing.


      -effectual skin of hands’ moisturization;

      -effective protection against excessive water loss;

      -protection against external factors;

      -nourishment of skin of hands;

      -visible regeneration and rejuvenation of skin of hands’ look;

      -instant sensation of softness and smoothness;

      -improves skin’s elasticity and firmness;

      -removes unpleasant skin of hands’ tension;

      -long-lasting perfume fragrance;

      -doesn’t leave a greasy layer;

      -quickly absorbed.

      Way of use: Massage into clean, dry skin of hands until absorbed.

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      Silcare QUIN Coenzyme Q10 Hand Serum (30ml)

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