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    Silcare QUIN Hair Conditioner With Keratin and Vitamins (250ml)


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    Silcare QUIN Hair conditioner with keratin and vitamins for weak, dry, damaged and brittle hair. Due to selected ingredients the conditioner provides a comprehensive hair care. 

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    Keratin (keratin hydrolysate) supplements peptide chains in the hair structure, thanks to which it rebuilds and regenerates weakened and damaged hair. 

    Pro-vitamin B5 moisturizes and thickens the hair fiber, prevents splitting and facilitates combing. Avocado and olive oils speed up the hair growth process, soothe scalp irritations. 

    The formula also protects hair against harmful external factors, and if used systematically, it guarantees healthy and shiny hair. Lactic acid helps to deliver active ingredients deep into the hair structure. 

    The conditioner has a low pH thanks to which the hair cuticle closes. It doesn’t contain parabens, SLES, SLS, paraffin, propylene glycol, pigments and dyes.


    -For weak, dry, damaged and brittle hair

    -Rebuilds and regenerates

    -Prevents split ends

    -Facilitates easy combing

    -Protects against harmful external factors

    -Peachy-tangerine fragrance

    Way of use: Apply appropriate amount of formula after cleansing and slightly drying your hair with a towel. Spread conditioner on whole hair length by massaging it in carefully. 

    Leave for 2-3 minutes, next rinse thoroughly with cool water. In order to achieve a better effect use the conditioner together with hair mask with keratin and vitamins.

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    Silcare QUIN Hair Conditioner With Keratin and Vitamins (250ml)

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