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      SKIN MONARCH Anesthetic Cream Before Procedure
      • SKIN MONARCH Anesthetic Cream Before Procedure

      Skin Monarch Cream before procedure (30 / 60 g.)

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      Last time this product was bought: 02/26/2024

      Skin Monarch trademark provides a highest quality of permanent make up pigments, equipment. Company is working since 2011 in a permanent make up and mesotherapy field. It took many years to search and develop best products which will satisfy even most demanding permanent make up, mesotherapy or tattoo masters. Skin Monarch team collaborated with world’s best and most famous brands and searched for the best products to achieve customers high standards. Team experience in permanent make up industry inspired to create Skin Monarch brand. We are very happy and proud to say that this trademark you can trust. Brand is using only best and tested materials for all products. All equipment, pigments, are designed and based on the latest trends and last technologies. 

      We are very happy to introduce long lasting - Skin Monarch . This is used before procedure. 

      Package: You can choose from two options – 30 grams or 60 grams. Both packages are user-friendly.

      Storage: Keep cream in a cool and dry place.

      How to use?

      Skin Monarch Before Procedure is used only before procedure. This cream can be used for eyebrows and lips (NOT FOR EYELINER) permanent make up procedures. Also, it can be used before tattoo procedures, laser plasma pen treatments, piercing procedures. Apply small amount of cream and wait for 10 minutes. 

      In our online store you can choose from big variety of which are provided from Skin Monarch brand or other world’s best trademarks. Even the most demanding artist will find best solution for their procedures. 

      In our online shop you can find many others products for your procedure. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support-we are more than happy to help you. 

      Have a nice shopping with us!

      Anesthetic Cream

      Cassandra   12/03/2021
      does numbing cream work for tattoos

      At first I thought it was a fake. However it really does work.

        Stephanie   12/02/2021
        tattoo numbing cream co reviews

        Worked great having my chest tattooed.

          Jenna   12/01/2021
          best numbing cream

          Good stuff! Works great! A little goes a long way. I like it because it’s not oily and smells good.

            Milana   07/07/2021
            numbing tattoo anesthetic fast skin body numb cream

            Good Product

              Emily   06/03/2021
              tattoo numbing cream

              if you’re in need of some pain assistance, this might be your friend!

                Petersen   02/04/2021
                can numbing cream ruin a tattoo

                Really helps with pain!

                  Mary   01/26/2021
                  does numbing cream affect tattoos

                  Easy to use and works

                    Maggie   01/21/2021
                    strongest tattoo numbing cream

                    I would definitely recommend getting it!

                      Joetta   01/20/2021
                      tattoo numbing cream superdrug

                      Great product! Highly recommended

                        Derek   01/20/2021
                        best tattoo numbing cream

                        IM SPEECHLESS !!

                          Isabelle   01/06/2021

                          Best i know

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                            Skin Monarch Cream before procedure (30 / 60 g.)

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