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    Silcare UV/LED 90W Manicure Lamp
    • Silcare UV/LED 90W Manicure Lamp

    Silcare UV/LED 90W Manicure Lamp


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    Silcare UV/LED 90W Manicure Lamp is a sensational device created especially for demanding professionals and manicure enthusiasts. This unique nail lamp will provide you with excellent results and an unforgettable nail care experience.

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    Silcare UV/LED 90W Manicure Lamp has a powerful 90W and 45 LEDs, this nail lamp guarantees amazing performance. Powerful and energy-efficient bulbs ensure fast and even curing, so your manicure will be long-lasting and dazzling.

    Equipped with a motion sensor, the UV/LED lamp responds to your needs. As a result, when you bring your hands closer, it automatically starts the curing process. You no longer have to worry about accidentally turning the device on or off. The convenient and clear timer that the lamp has boasts up to four different time options - 10, 30, 60 and 99 seconds. You can adjust the curing time to suit your individual preferences and needs.

    The innovative dual LED system momentarily and evenly cures any shape or type of polish. Whether it's hybrid, UV gel, base or top, Salon 4 delivers professional results without compromise. With a dual wavelength range of 365nm and 405nm, the Salon 4 UV/LED nail lamp is able to offer even more versatility. Now you can cure different types of polishes, adjusting to their specifications.

    The unique 99-second mode allows you to perfectly cure hard-to-reach areas, guaranteeing durability and an exceptional final result, and thanks to the smart sensor function, the nail lamp is able to remember your preferred curing time. This is an extremely convenient solution that allows you to save time and enjoy a perfect manicure at any time.

    Product features:

    • 90W and 45 LEDs.
    • Powerful and energy-saving bulbs.
    • Motion sensor.
    • 10, 30, 60, 99 seconds timer.
    • Dual LED system instantly and evenly cures.
    • Dual wavelength range 365nm and 405nm.
    • Smart sensor function to store curing time.
    • Bottom attached with magnets.
    • Does not strain the eyes.

    How to use:

    Set the appropriate length of action for the selected treatment, slide the nails with the appropriate layer of product under the lamp.

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    Silcare UV/LED 90W Manicure Lamp

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