• Brow Gel by CC Brow (5ml.)

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    Easily and naturally create an impeccable image A comfortable applicator, an extremely easy gel formula, will help improve eyebrows in just a couple of seconds. The gel combines hair with the ankles and at the same time ensures the shape of the eyebrows, and the gel base emphasizes the natural tint, making the image vivid and ..
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    CC Brow Keratin brow gel 6 ml.
    CC Brow Keratin brow gel 6 ml.

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    Easily and naturally bring recalcitrant eyebrows into shape to create a flawless look.Comfortable applicator and ultra light gel formula in just a couple of seconds.Eyebrow CC Brow keratin gel combing hairs and brings the shape of the eyebrows in order, and translucent pigment base emphasizes their natural shade, making the imag..