IKKI eyebrow dye

  • Gel dye for eyebrows IKKI 15ml

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    IKKI Gel Eyebrow dye has been developed for professional use by the beauty industry. The dye evenly applies to the skin and hair, creating a natural dense eyebrow effect.The gel consistency of the dye prevents them from dispersing, the dye evenly and qualitatively color eyebrow hair and the skin under the hair layer. IKKI eyebro..
  • IKKI Oxidant 3% 20ml.

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    The oxidant is used in combination with the gel eyebrow paint IKKI.Usage: In a non-metallic container, mix the dye and oxidizer (1: 1). Apply the dye mixture evenly on the eyebrows with the applicator. Use a cotton swab to gently remove excess dye around the eyebrows. After 7-10 minutes, rinse with water...