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    CC Brow Keratin brow gel 6 ml.
    CC Brow Keratin brow gel 6 ml.

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    Easily and naturally bring recalcitrant eyebrows into shape to create a flawless look.Comfortable applicator and ultra light gel formula in just a couple of seconds.Eyebrow CC Brow keratin gel combing hairs and brings the shape of the eyebrows in order, and translucent pigment base emphasizes their natural shade, making the imag..
  • CC Brow Vitamins serum for eyebrows 8 ml

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    A unique tool for eyebrow care, containing vitamins:B3,B5,C,E. Also in the composition there is panthenol and betaine.• B3 - makes the color more intense, nourishes the hair follicles, protects against drying and breakage;• B5 - oxygenates the cells, strengthens the follicles and prolongs their life, the hairs acquire a shiny, w..
  • Lucas Cosmetics Boost 4 Brows 3 ml

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    Serum for the growth and strengthening of eyebrowsEyebrow serum helps to grow beautiful and thick eyebrows. It is a solution for those who are tired of daily eyebrow makeup, but do not decide on more drastic solutions, such as eyebrow makeup.The serum contains a component - bimatoprost, which acts on the hair follicle, increases..
  • Lucas Cosmetics Boost Brows & Lashes Kit

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    CC BROW LUCAS COSMETIC BOOST KIT EYEBROW AND EYELASH 3ml +3mlThe set includes two serums; 1 for growth of eyelashes and 1 for growth of eyebrows. Each serum is 3 mlApply once a day, preferably at bedtime.EYEBROWS:* effect of thick and well-groomed eyebrows;* restoration of damaged hairs;* activation and accelerated growth o..
  • Rejuville 'e' Eyebrow Revitalizer (9ml.)

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    For lustrous, thicker eyebrows. e Eyebrow Revitalizer stimulates and nourishes the follicles whilst cleansing the root resulting in thicker, healthier eyebrows. Combining vitamins and minerals, Rejuvi e beautifies eyebrows naturally. You will see and feel a significant result within two weeks. Cleanses the Root With Vitamin..