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  • CC LASH OIL 10 ml

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    The product is intended to promote the growth of eyelashes. Full containing oil activates an eyelash growth and strengthening them.Use an eyelash dyeing procedure followed by enshrining paint keeping the impact on the hair and strengthens the paint color. This oil can be paint painted eyebrows protection against washing or other..
  • CC Lashes 4 steps system for eyelash lifting

    Item Code: CC4St

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    CC Lashes 4 steps system for eyelash lifting- 4 bootles of 4ml.:1 Step (Perm)- softens the hairs, prepares for the next stage of the procedure of the biocoal.2 Step (Fixation)- fixes the hairs, creating a bend.3 Step (Nutrition)- nourishes the hair and cares for them. The main component of this composition is collagen.4 Step (Cl..
  • CC Lashes applicator

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    The applicator is used to distribute and fix the natural eyelashes on the rolls during the lamination and eyelash biopsy procedures.The shape of the applicator allows you to easily and quickly distribute the eyelashes in the desired direction, to separate them and securely fix on the roller for further application of the composi..
  • CC Lashes Crystal for glue

    Item Code: CCLashesCrys

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    - cool, smooth surface allows glue to remain in a liquid state longer- prevents lash adhesivefrom premature drying- to clean the stone simply use an acetate based remover..
  • CC Lashes Curl Silicone Pad (S-M-L)

    Item Code: CCLaPad

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    100% brand new and high quality. Including 3 size of silicone pad (6 pads in pack), meeting all of your demands. Soft silicone material, making you feel comfortable. Curved shape design, fit your eyes well. Perfect for professional salon use or home use. Specifications: Material: Silicone Quant..
  • CC LASHES eyelash cleaner, 60 ml.

    Item Code: CCCL

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    he product is designed to cleanse eyelashes from all types of contaminants before the procedure of building. No odor, no irritation...
  • CC Lashes eyelash rolls 16 pcs. (S-M-L)

    Item Code: CCRo

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    CC Lashes eyelash rolls for eyelash lifting.Use:1. First, eye make-up and any oils are removed from the eyelid and the lashes.2. Whether strong or natural lifting - we have a choice of 2 sizes of eyelash rollers. (M-L)3. The self-adhesive eyelash roll is bent to fit the shape of the eyelid.4. The eyelash roll..
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    CC Lashes glue 7 ml.
    CC Lashes glue 7 ml.

    Item Code: CCGL

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    Glue for eyelashes of a liquid consistency used for attaching the roller to the eyelids during the eyelash lifting procedure. (No 4)..
  • CC Lashes Multipurpose stick for extension, laminating and waving

    Item Code: CCLashesMulti

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Multipurpose stick for eyelashes. Stick has two ends: pointed and flat. The pointed tip is used to separate the eyelashes from each other. Flat - easy and comfortable to lift your eyelashes.Used for lamination of eyelashes lifting eyelash extensions. Convenient and easy to use, simplifies the procedure. Made of high quality mate..
  • CC Lashes Primer, 15 ml

    Item Code: CCLPrim

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    The primer is used after using the degreaser and provides a strong coupling of natural eyelashes with artificial eyelashes, prepares them for the procedure of building...
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    Lucas Cosmetics BioLift eyelashes lifting kit
    Lucas Cosmetics BioLift eyelashes lifting kit
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    BioLift by Lucas CosmeticsThe procedure is caring for the hairs and gives the eyelashes an expressive bend.The effect after the BioLift is kept from a month to two. The kit BioLift includes: 4 compositions, glue for curling, silicone rolls (5 pairs), applicator (3pcs).1 Step (Perm)- softens the hairs, prepares for the next stage..