• Brow Lamination Glue by BROWGURU 5ml

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    This specially developed eyebrow glue is used to determine the desired shape of the eyebrow hair before you start using the Browlift. 5ml: Up to 20 treatments.Ingredients:Acrylate copolymer, aqua, polyvinyl alcohol, alcohol, dextrin..
  • CC Lashes Crystal for glue

    Item Code: CCLashesCrys

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    - cool, smooth surface allows glue to remain in a liquid state longer- prevents lash adhesivefrom premature drying- to clean the stone simply use an acetate based remover..
  • CC Lashes Crystal Glue ring

    Item Code: CCLashesCr2

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    This glue ring is a useful tool for dipping and applying eyelash extensions.It is practical, efficient and reduces the duration of the treatment by shortening the necessary actions.Lightweight and convenient design and cute looking appearance.Eyelash extension use, make your hands free, more convenient...
  • CC Lashes Eyelash glue (Fast dry) 5 g

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    Glue for eyelashes of a liquid consistence, without a smell, fast fixation (5-6 seconds), elastic after drying, it is convenient in application to beginning masters...
  • CC Lashes Eyelash glue (Ultra fast dry) 5 g

    Item Code: CCLashesGlueUltra

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Glue for eyelashes of a liquid consistency, without a smell, ultra fast fixation (2,5 seconds), elastic after drying, is ideal for experienced masters.CC Lashes ..
  • CC Lashes glue 7 ml.

    Item Code: CCGL

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    Glue for eyelashes of a liquid consistency used for attaching the roller to the eyelids during the eyelash lifting procedure. (No 4)..
  • CC Lashes Glue False Eyelash 5ml.

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    Distinctive features of white glue:- is considered universal;- after drying, it becomes completely transparent and invisible on the eyelids and eyelashes;- with it, the cilia will not be spoiled by an extraneous shade.Method of application: apply glue in a thin layeron the ciliaand wait a few seconds for it to “grab”. Start glui..
  • Expert Lash lift Stick It Glue 5ml

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    Lash Candies Expert Lash lift Stick It GlueThis specially developed eyelash glue is used to determine the desired shape of the eyelash hair before you start the treatment. This is the first step in the lash lift process.Lash Candies Stick it Glue is a quick-drying, water-soluble adhesive to stick silicone pads on the eyelid and ..