For professionals

  • Chameleon scissors (Italy)

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    The unique scissors make your work easier. Scissors created a world-class professional hair stylist Alex De Stefano.  Made in Italy! ..
  • Roverhair Shaper 100 ml.

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    Body and volumizing hair styling paste to give to determine. Definitive styling gives body, volume and texture to the hair, a sufficient amount of product between the hands and then rub hair to bring on style apply to moist or dry hair. ..
  • Roverhair 1 Deeping shampoo 150 ml.

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    Roverhair True Celebrity Deeping Shampoo 1. This Anti-Aging Shampoo from Roverhair cleanses  gently and in soothing manner. Roverhair Celebrity Deeping Shampoo slow down the hair aging process. Rover Hair Shampoo. Without Sodium Sulfate salts PEG DEA. ..
  • Roverhair ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE Calming Shampoo 250ml.

    Item Code: RABCsh

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    Roverhair Artisan of Beauty Care / Calming line Shampoo (detoxifying). With menthol, tea tree oil, d-panthenol, fatty acid, melissa and woodland extract.The detoxifying shampoo emphasizes the brightness of the hair, gently cleanses, imparting impulse from root to tip and stimulates blood supply to the hair capillaries. The hair ..
  • Roverhair ARTISAN OF BEAUTY CARE Nourishing Oil Elixir 150ml.

    Item Code: RABDel

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    Concentrated nourishing oil, elixir with herbal oyster, green tea, without parabens. Ideal for thin, sensitive hair that needs hydration and lightness to maintain and maintain a shiny, soft hair.USE: Divide the wet hair into the 2-3 equal parts and apply 5 to 7 drops of oil to each part. Hold for 5 - 10 minutes and  flush; ..
  • Roverhair BLONDER Silver Biphasic 250ml.

    Item Code: RBLSbip

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    Gray and white hair conditioner for intense hair moisturizing with aloe barbadensis leaf juice, keratin amino acid, panthenol and lime extract, without parabens.Intensive moisturizing conditioner with anti-yellowing effect, ideal for natural, cosmetically dyed and light bleached hair. Perfectly moisturizes and maintains hair con..
  • Roverhair Milk Leave In Color Save (200ml.)

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    Roverhair Milk Leave In Color Save (200ml.) Lightweight Leave-in Spray. The Roverhair Milk Leave In Conditioner protects the hair extra long and prevents protein damage. Roverhair Leave In Milk color beschemende milk zlure PH, guarantees languring effect of the color restores hydration and let GLOSS effect of your hair longer..
  • Roverhair New Pure Color Begins Color Cream 100ml.

    Item Code: RovPure

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    Roverhair New Pure Color Begins Color CreamSeduction, beauty, and gentleness combined in a new formula; technology and nature blend in a unique, winning, reliable combination and able to meet every single technical and esthetic requirement. New chromatic horizons, reflections and movements for perfect and safe color; a formul..
  • Roverhair New Pure Color Begins Ultra-Lift 100 ml.

    Item Code: RovLift

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    Seduction, beauty, and gentleness combined in a new formula; technology and nature blend in a unique, winning, reliable combination and able to meet every single technical and esthetic requirement. New chromatic horizons, reflections and movements for perfect and safe color; a formula enriched and perfected.With Thermal Water, K..
  • Roverhair Pure color Bleaching lighting cream 45 ml.

    Item Code: BLC

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    Mix with a new pure color begins ultra light only, in a quantity equal to 30 % of the used color (see scheme). Only at 40 volumes ( 12%) INSTRUCTIONS it can  provoke an allergic reaction, please respect the following precautions. A preventive test of cutaneous sensibility is advisable before the application . Do not apply o..
  • Roverhair Pure Developer Activator 1000 ml. (3 - 6 - 9 - 12 %)

    Item Code: RAct

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    A NEW PURE DEVELOPER is enriched with Macadamia oil and Argan oil; stabilized and creamy, it  allows protecting hair during the entire coloring process. It is ideal for mixing with A NEW PURE COLOR BEGINS colors. Now to use; mix according to the proportions indicated. Contains hydrogen peroxide. 10vol/3% – 20vol/6% – 3..
  • Roverhair shampoo PH+ 500 ml.

    Item Code: RHPH

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    Ideal  shampoo for eliminating all residues and impurities from hair; it also enables perfect preparation of hair to gain the best from the keratin treatment. INSTRUCTIONS: apply the product to wet hair, massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. Professional use. Available for sale in professional hair salons ..
  • Roverhair SMOOTHER Heat Proof 200ml.

    Item Code: RSMHProof

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    Protective sheen spray for hair, made with argan, specifically for hot styling with straighteners or curling irons. Constant use prevents excessive dehydration of the hair. The enhanced coating power protects the hair from the heat of the straighteners and hairdryers. USE: spray evenly out dry hair before using any hot styl..
  • Roverhair SMOOTHER Shampoo 250 ml.

    Item Code: RSMShampoo

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    Roverhair SMOOTHER Shampoo without ammonia, with hydrolyzed walnut organic extract, without parabens.USE: apply to damp hair, massage gently in a circular motion and leave 5-10 minutes, rinse thoroughly. In order to the best result apply SMOOTHER mask. This item is for sale only to professional stylists ..
  • Roverhair SOMNIUM D'Argan Cristal Fluid 50 ml.

    Item Code: RSCO11

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    D'Argan Oil Argan Somnium Cristal Fluid Pure Argan Oil (Argan Oil) is a reconstruction liquid with a mild formula is ideal for blow drying model. It moisturizes, adds shine and softness. Repairs split dead ends, softens and strengthens dry, frizzy and chemically treated hair. Repairs and add elasticity to dry, damaged and f..
  • Roverhair SOMNIUM D'Argan Luxurious Conditioner 150ml.

    Item Code: RSD'ArLux

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    Roverhair SOMNIUM D’ARGAN Luxurious Conditioner (pH 4 – 5) with Pure Argan Oil, Keratin, Aloe Vera and Amino Acid Extract,.The tool is designed to rebuild, nourish, moisten damaged hair, and give the hair a look of tenderness, friability, shine, lightness and healthy hair. Non-washable.Product for professional and everyday use.U..