Hair straightening

  • Roverhair shampoo home treatment 200 ml.

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    Roverhair Keratin Hair Straightening Shampoo. These keratin shampoo make your hair smoother and less curly and frizzy. Extends professional keratin treatment. The desire to straighten your hair has never been so strong! Rover Hair Straightening Keratin Shampoo Passion home treatment makes this possible. This shampoo contains ker..
  • Roverhair phase leave in conditioner 200 ml.

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    No-rinse spray conditioner, perfect for conditioning and treating hair after straightening with STRAIGHT PASSION. INSTRUCTIONS: apply to clean, wet hair, then dry thoroughly. Professional use. Available for sale in professional hair salons only. ..
  • KIT Home trearment (2 pc.)

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    shampoo 200 ml. conditioner 200ml. ..
  • Roverhair Diffusion Flat Iron Plate

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    ionic titanium ceramic ..