Green soaps

  • Tattoo Goo® Pro Series Foam Ex (236ml.)

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    Tattoo Goo® Pro Series Foam Ex (236ml.) Designed to be used as a lubricant during the entire tattooing process, this natural, skin-friendly foam is artist tried and dermatologist tested, providing a smooth working surface and easy, non-greasy clean up. This non-drying tattooing soap is rich and long lasting. It is made up of ..
  • UNISTAR BOOSTER foam soap 220ml.

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    Unistar booster cleansing foam is an antibacterial soap solution. Unistar booster cleansing foam helps to clean the skin from ink and vaseline and reduces swelling & redness. Easy and convenient to use as it is used directly on the skin, without diluting it...
  • Green Soap (433ml.)

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    Tincture of green soap is used by professionals all over the UK. Specifically made for cleaning the skin during and after a tattoo. It is a soft soap that is made from vegetable oils, sodium or potassium hydroxide and concentrated to retain glycerol. Green soap isn’t always green and does in fact come in a variety of colours. It..
  • Green Soap - 500ml

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    Green soap is suitable for all your tattoo and piercing needs. Explicitly made for cleaning the skin during and after a tattoo but also appropriate for cleaning up blood, applying stencils to the skin and soaking surgical instruments. Its oily base makes it a brilliant skin soother and helps to keep the skin hydrated. Its name d..
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    PinUp Tattoo Green Soap - 5 Litre
    PinUp Tattoo Green Soap - 5 Litre

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    Tattooist Green Soap manufactured in England, designed to be used for washing off excess ink and blood residue during Tattooing. Can also be used for applying a transfer stencil due to it's viscosity (stickyness). Clinically smelling with Aloe vera extracts producing a non-sting result. A must for any Professional Tattoo St..