• Cosmetic skin alcohol solution 110ml.

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    Cosmetic skin solution for all skin types.Ingredients: alcohol denat, aqua, salicylic acid..
  • Cosmetic skin alcohol solution with aloe 110ml.

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    Cosmetic skin solution for all skin types.Cosmetic Spirits - a cosmetic skin solution that cleanses the skin. This cosmetic product is especially suitable for problematic and oily skin.Ingredients: alcohol denat, aqua, chlorhexidine, aloe barbadensis leaf extract..
  • Disposable Face Masks - 3 layers (50pcs.)

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    Specifications:Material: non-wovenColor: BlueFlexibility: adjustable nose piece Size: 175*92±5mmQty: 50pcs/bagFeature:- High quality: They consist of high-quality nonwovens. Comfort, softness and excellent breathability. It can fit your face perfectly for better protection.- Multi-layer protection: 3 layers of dust-proof fi..
  • Esemtan Wash Lotion, 500 ml. / 1 l.

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    Esemtan wash lotion  Esemtan is a soapfree washing lotion based on particularly skin-mild tensides and natural active and care components. The Esemtan washing lotion maintains the acid mantle of the skin and protects it against drying.  The pH neutral washing lotion is not only suitable for cleaning the hands, it ..
  • In Stock Disposable Face Masks - 3 layers (10pcs.) white

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    Box of 10 - 3 ply WHITE maskHypoallergenic, and fluid resistantMeasures 17 cm x 9 cm..
  • Intenze Cleanze Concentrate Antiseptic 360 ml

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    IntenZe Tattoo Ink- Cleanze Concrentrate antiseptic- 12oz IntenZe Cleanze provides every tattoo artist with a comfortable client as well as a clean non irritated skin to work on. You will not find a safer, more sterile or higher quality tattoo product elsewhere. Intenze Cleanze is an alcohol free antiseptic, just apply IntenZ..
  • Kodan Tinktur Forte skin and hands disinfection 250 ml. (colored)

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    Kodan Tinktur Forte 250 ml. (colored)Kodan Tinktur Forte spray is a ready-to-use product that can be applied for skin antisepsis prior to injections, punctures and surgical operations. Colored, propanol-based skin antiseptic not only boasts a quick activation time, but it is also very compatible with skin. Product DetailsCo..
  • Octenisan Wash Lotion 150ml / 1l

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    Octenisan Anti-Microbial Wash Lotion Hypoallergenic antimicrobial hair and body wash containing octenidine. Benifits mild and gentle wash lotion for the skin and hair ideal for whole body washing suitable for all skin types skin-neutral pH value free of artificial colours and perfumes Areas of application for ..
  • Respirator 4 layers FFP2 1pcs.

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    EP005 FF2Anti virus flu anti infection FFP2 Dust Mask Particulate Respirator Anti-fog PM2.5 Protective Safety MasksFeatures:-Soft and flexible breathable, ideal for Sensitive skin allergy.-Meet your different needs, whether you are running, running, city driving, house cleaning or outdoor activities, you will be the best for you..
  • Sani-Cloth CHG 2% wipes 100pcs

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    Features and Benefits:Active Ingredients: Chlorhexidine Digluconate 20% (10g). Isopropyl alcohol (62g). Purified water and excipients (up to 100g)Meets EPIC 3, NICE and INSA guidelines.Provides rapid action and excellent residual activity.Dermatologically tested wipes.Ready-to-use, individually packaged single-use wipes...
  • Sanitising spray 60ml.

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    - Alcohol Free.- Tested and effective against 99.9%.- Kind and gentle on the skin.- No Fragrance.- Daily use...
  • Sensiva Wash Lotion 1 l.

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    Sensiva Wash Lotion is a colorless hand and body lotion for skin-care cleansing. It is free of dyes, perfume, soap and wool wax and thus very gentle on the skin and prevents allergies. A multiple daily application for hand and body cleansing is easily possible.Properties of Washing Lotion:- very mild- gets the acid mantle of the..
  • Skin Monarch Clean hands 70% asept spray 50ml. (1 pcs.)

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    Ingredients: isopropyl alcohol 70%, aqua, glycerin, urea, carbomer, mentha spicata herb oil, cucumis sativus fruit extract, citric acid, triethanolamine, sodium benzoate, limonene*,linalool*.Refreshing hand spray that freshens, cleans and eliminates smell.The spray dries out extremely fast, leaving no sticky residue be..
  • Der Spritzer - The Ink-Away-Solution 500 ml. (Concentrate)

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    Product details The Spritzer helps to remove excess color and vaseline during the tattooing session. The gluey consistency spares the stressed skin from further irritation when cleaning the tattoo. The "Ice Formula" (witch hazel, menthol, thymol) strengthens the irritated skin and refreshs the tattoed area. To achieve ..
  • Rejuvi Sani-Clean (240 ml.)

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    Rejuvi Sani-Clean 70 % isopropanol base instantly dissolves dirt and debris while killing bacteria and germs on contact. Formulated to be gentle enough for your face but effective enough for cleansing your hands. Aloe vera and glycerin soothe your skin while helping prevent moisture loss, leaving you with a clean, crisp app..