• Rejuvi Eye Makeup Remover (120 ml.)

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    Rejuvi Eye Makeup Remover easily removes all makeup, even waterproof, for a refreshed clean appearance. The lightweight, oil-free solution gently cleanses your skin, calming irritation and inflammation. Your skin is left soft and clean without any residue. Ingredients  Water, Proplene Glycol, Chamomile Extract, Phenox..
  • Rejuvi k Facial Cleanser (200ml)

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    A complete gel cleanser for normal or combination skin which has an oily ‘T’ Zone (the area around the forehead, nose, mouth and chin). The skin in this area tends to have large, open pores while the cheeks are usually normal to dry. Gently cleanses without a harsh drying effect. Aloe vera, Allantoin, Chamomile and Cucumber e..
  • Rejuvi “k” Facial Cleanser (960 ml.)

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    Oily, shiny skin is often prone to blackheads and pimples. This foaming facial wash is ideal for gently cleansing the skin without stripping it of natural nourishing oils.   AHA derivatives and papaya extract remove dead skin cells, sebum and grime. While aloe vera and chamomile extract protect against dehydration and irr..