Mastor® Persistent Red Temptation

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Mastor® Persistent Red Temptation

Mastor® Persistent Red Temptation

Mastor Persistent Red Temptation Permanent makeup waterproof Lip gloss

*Fade dark skin color,control growth of melanin ,make your lip keep red and bright

*Waterproof,long-lasting above 24 hours

*Natural plant keep your lip moist

Product Description:


1.It can push the body mucosal blood circulation,rapid upgrading the content of heme,accelerating the metabolism,enhancing the function of red blood cells with oxygen.

2.Apply to lip,areola ,outer lip,elbow and other parts.

3.Containing natural lactic lactic and natural plant nutrition hormone.

4.Remove rough dead skin,inhibit lip lines regeneration and melanin under muscle.

5.Sustainable use of the skin,keep your skin fresh.

6.Lasting 24 hours do not fade, prevent makeup everyday life

7.Suitable for swimming, travel, stage makeup

8.Five fashion color for your choice


(1)After using 3days , dull color fade

(2)After using 7days , melanin is significantly inhibited

(3)After using 7 to 15 days , your lip will restore natural pink , which look more natural than before.

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