MESOGEL V6 VITA ELIXIR Soothing Cream 0.8g 10pcs

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MESOGEL V6 VITA ELIXIR Soothing Cream 0.8g 10pcs

Taking care after making Permanent Make Up (PMU) and Microneedling (MTS) procedures. Cream rich in active ingredients hypoallergenic skin care cream.

The cream creates a protective moisture coating and effectively eliminates irritation.

It also has an excellent firming and anti-aging effect. It increases skin resistance after antibiotic therapy and dermatological treatment.

Used after laser and others procedures, it accelerates the convalescence period.


Apply the cream after the PMU or MTS 3-4 times a day.


– Ingredients: 6 high vitamins and collagen

– Providing the nutrient to the hurt skin ( eyebrow, eyeliner, lips, tattoo, MTS)

– Balancing humidity for the skin

– Repair the injured skin

– Against the infection

– Closing the color to help the color more vibrant

– To be suitable for all of skin kinds, even sensitive skin.

Preparation 100% vegan / organic.

It has in its composition a number of probiotics of vegetable origin, plant extracts with antiallergic.

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