Ampoules and phials professional line for Trandermotherapy

  • Dermclar Aesthetic Solution of Argireline & Leuphasyl 2ml

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    ARGIRELINE: apowerfull hexapeptide -antiwrinkles,an ultimate alternative to botox. One of the changes associated to aging is the apperance of fine lines and wrinkles do to squinting,frowning and smiling.The facial muscle contraction is produce by the liberation of neurotransmitters.The SNARE complex(snap receptor)is essential..
  • Dermclar Aesthetic Solution Of Vitamin C 2ml.

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    VITAMINE C (ascorbic acid) is essential in the formation of collagen,present in the connective tissue(fibrous tissue) due to its property to simulate the collagen formation from fribroblastus.Thanks to this precents the damage of skin in the intrinsec and extrinsec aging(sun exposure,etc.)It is also a potent redox over free radi..
  • Dermclar Cellulite Solution/ L- Carnitine 5ml

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    L-CARNITINE is a cell natural component, vastly found in meat, milk, liver and yeast. L-CARNITINE is biosynthetized from other amino acids . L-CARNITINE, named "Fat-devouring molecule" acts on lipidic metabolism as a fatty acid-carrier substances, mainly long-chain ones, from citosol to inside mitochondria,. where B-oxi..
  • Dermclar Decongest Solution/ Melilotus Extract 2ml
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    EXTRACT OF MELILOTO + RUTINE is a venotonic and vasculoprotector agent with lymphokinetic activity eliciting the following actions: 1. Antispasmodic action, basically owing to courmarin containing EXTRACT OF MELILOTO elicited at two levels: a) On smooth mucleus fiber, therefore, on all elements of circulatory system b) On l..
  • Dermclar Firming Solution / Sodium Pruvate 1% 2ml.
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    Several different studies have shown one of the major benefits of the product is increased muscular firmness owing the several actions, such as: * SODIUM PYRUVATE increases mitochondria membrane potential, by stimulating cellular respiration * Increase of glucose transport towards muscular cell * It is essential for A.T.P. ..
  • Dermclar Hair Serum 10ml.

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    Product descriptionIntensive Hair Growth Serum that reduces hair loss by stimulating hair follicle thus increasing hair growth. It improves the dry, brittle hair and improves oily scalp, dandruff and reduces scalp itch. Active Ingredients: Capilar Biocenta® with amino acids and proteins Procapil® Peptide-. Combat the aging proce..
  • Dermclar Hyaluderm 5 ml

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    Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan with a disaccharide structure comprising: A). D-glucuronic Acid.  B). N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine Actions:  1. MOISTURIZING AND RESTRUCTURING:  It results in firmness and compatibility, maintains the extracellular space between the bottom layer of cells and the epidermis.&n..
  • Dermclar Hydraderm HW 3,5%

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    Sodium Hyaluronate is a glycosaminoglycan with a disaccharide structure comprising: A). D-Glucuronic Acid. B). N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine Actions: 1. MOISTURIZING AND RESTRUCTURING: Results in firmness and compatibility, maintains the extracellular space between the bottom layer of the cells and the epidermis. 2. FI..
  • Dermclar Hydraderm LW 1%
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    Hyaluronic Acid in HYDRADERM 1% is a substance with a composition derived from biotechnology, highly purified, with a state of the art development. The Hyaluronic Acid molecule has a higher water holding capacity than other active substances. The skin is toned and more compact and firm. It encourages the production of n..
  • Dermclar Lift Solution (Dmae 3%) 2ml

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    The DMAE is a precousor of the ACETYLCHOLINE(neurotransmitter)participates in the convertion of the choline to acetilcholine.Important neurotransmitter due to the extensive receptors of it at different type of cells in the skin. The effects of the DMAE by incresing the acetilcholine at an extracellular level are: *Tensor eff..
  • Dermclar Natural Extract For Cellulite 5ml


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    * Asian Centella : Asian Centella is a plant naturally growing in Madagascar and around Indian Ocean. It has been used over centuries in the Asian traditional medicine. Active principles of Asian Centella Extract are made by three tirterpenic components: Asian, madecasic Acids, and asiaticosids as the major active substance ..
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    Dermclar Natural Reducing Extract 5ml.
    Dermclar Natural Reducing Extract 5ml.

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    * Asian Centella is a plant naturally growing in Madagascar and around Indian Ocean. It has been used over the centuries in the Asian traditional medicine  Active principles of Asian Centella Extract consist of three triterpenic components: Asian, Madecasic acids and asiaticoside as the major active substance and the main ..
  • Dermclar Purifiying Solution / Artichoke Extract 5ml
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    It is possible for EXTRACT OF ARTICHOKE injection to find receptor in tissue, and for such reason it stimulates reabsorption of exudates and tissular retention resulting in increased diuresis EXTRACT OF ARTICHOKE promotes coenzyme synthesis (NAD-NADHZ and NADP-NADPHZ), mainly NADP-NADPHZ couple more closedly related to lipoly..
  • Dermclar Reconstructing Solution / Organic Silicon 5ml.
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    SILANOL is an element of the structure of conjunctive tissue. It makes part of macromolecules conforming conjunctive tissue: elastin, collagen, proteoglicans and glycoproteins of structure SILANOL is a normalizer and regulator of cell metabolism and cell division. It is also a metabolic product. Silanol opposes to lipidic per..
  • Dermclar Reducing Solution / Caffeine 2ml.

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    CAFFEINE is chemical substance of alkaloid group, of course, of vegetal origin, belonging to xanthix base family, with common purinic nucleus (purine, uric acid, xanthine, theophylline, theobromine). This is a purinic trimetylated base or trimethylxanthine of molecular mass 1942. CAFFEINE acts on mobilization of free fatty ac..
  • Dermclar Remolding Solution Phosphatidylcholine 5ml.

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    Phosphatidilcholine is a phosphoglyceryde (phospholipid derived from Glycerol) mostly found in cell membrane of higher organisms. Elicits mobilizing lipotropic action, increasing adipocyte membrane fluidity or permeability, promoting lipidic component removal . Phosphotidilcholine primary acts promoting fatty acid transpor..