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  • Dermclar Liposomes - Cellulite 5 ml

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    The liposome anticellulitic solution is a PRO-LIPOSOME manufactured by "multi-extrution"proven anticellulitic extracts, combined with a sinergetic effect as a tripeptid.The formula proliposomal gurantees the formation of liposomes once mixed as the final preparation. The liposome anticellulitic solution has the following acti..
  • Dermclar Liposomes - Wrinkles 2 ml

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    One of the most characteristic features of cutaneous aging is the increase and deepening of wrinkles or depressions that form along the lines of expression on the face. ARGIRELINE: is a powerful hexapeptide, anti-wrinkle agent that acts similarly to Botulinum Toxin. LEUPHASY: is a new pentapeptide that has been developed t..
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    Dermclar Liposomes doublechin abdomen 5ml.
    Dermclar Liposomes doublechin abdomen 5ml.

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    The localized body fat has been an aesthetic problem which recquires a combination of substances,with a proven lipolytic effect,and helping restructurate and hydrate the area,preventing flaccidity due to the reduction or elimination of adiposites. ORGANIC SILICON:it is an organic structure element of the connective tissue,it ..
  • Dermclar Liposomes eye countour 2 ml

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    With aging the skin elasticity is lost,muscles weaken,with time the flaccidity forms folds on eye lids,the orbital fat pads become prominent,becoming apparent.Microscopic blood vessels under the eyes can loose their stability and strenght.The body conpensates by forming new ones.there is also edema,by deficiency in lymphatic cir..
  • Dermclar Liposomes face, neck and low neck 5 ml

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    ALDELINE:actively prevents aging of cutaneous tissue by its marked antioxidant effect,helping detoxication of skin from RSC (reactive carbonic species) radicals very harm,present by sun exposure.Also prevents the DNA from UVA radiations. LIPOCROM 6:prevents the skin damage due to RNS(reactive nitrogen species)and also ROS(rea..
  • Fibroblast Eye bag booster

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    Fibroblast Eye bag booster for cooling and reducing the swelling...