Microblading Kits

  • Biotouch Feather Touch Design Kit

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    Biotouch Feather Touch Design Kit Our revolutionary Feather Touch Eyebrow Design Kit contains the tools you need to beautify eyebrows, bald spots, and many other problematic areas:     Feather Touch Tool;     auto-clavable hand-tool;     Brow Pencil;     7-pron..
  • Goochie Microblading Master Kit

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    Goochie Microblading Master Kit Goochie holder; Goochie Microblading pigments >> Brow coffee, Dark coffee, Black coffee, Orange coffee; Microblading U blade needle x 10; Microblading B&G 12 prong needle (gold) x 10; Anesthetic "Blue Gel"; Anesthetic "Rejuvi Ge;"; Pencil; Practical skin; Cutas..
  • Goochie Microblading pigments (creamy) (10ml.)

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    Goochie Microblading pigments (creamy) . Special creamy pigments for microblading procedure. Small molecular weight easily penetrates the skin. Microblading procedures remain effective for a longer period of time than with conventional pigments. ..
  • Goochie Vip Eyebrows Kit
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    Goochie Vip Eyebrows Kit ..
  • Mei-Cha MIDAS professional microblading kit

    Item Code: Mei-ChaSTY

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Each kit includes:1pc. Metal Autoclavable Stylus, 2 pc. Disposable Stylus, 1 pc. #7 Needle,  #12 Needle, #14 Needle, and 3 pc. Pigment Applicators...
  • Starter Microblading Kit

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    Starter Microblading Kit Microblading holder, Four Biotouch pigments; Anesthetic Blue Gel, Anesthetic Tattoo Soothe, Higi Mask,  12-prong Microblading blades (10pcs.), Flexy 12-prong Microblading blades (10pcs.), Shadow needles (5pc, Ruler, Caps for pigment (10vnt), Pencil, Cutasept, M..