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  • Li Pigments Micro Colors H2O pigments for eyebrows (12ml.)

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    Micro Colors H2O pigments for eyebrows (12ml.)The same great features of the original Micro-Colors pigment line in a unique Pre-Neutralized, Water Based formula.  With little to no mixing required to get that perfect color, these pigments implant quickly and easily into all skin types and ethnicities. Several Years in ..
  • Li pigments Micro-Edge Extra formula 15ml.

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    Micro-Edge Extra formula 15ml. (by Li pigments)Enhanced Li-Pigment Micro-Edge formula.Pigments are used for microblading procedures, after dilution for permanent make-up.The pigment does not dry during work.Accelerated pigment introduction.Long stable color resilience.Manufacturer: USAQuantity: 15ml..
  • Li pigments Micro-Edge Microblading pigments 15ml.

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    Micro-Edge Microblading pigments 15ml. (by Li pigments)The Micro-Edge Pigment Line is a highly concentrated version of selective organic & Inorganic colorants made exclusively for Microblading procedures.We have developed a line of longer lasting, natural Microblading pigment shades that offer warmer, easier to use, and pre-..