• Bella anesthetic for lips (15ml.)

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    Bella anesthetic for lips (15ml.) Ingredients: 5% lidocaine; 2% tetracaine; Sodium chloride; ..
  • Bella MICROCAINE anesthetic (15g.)

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    Bella MICROCAINE anesthetic (15g.) It safe around the eyes! Check back soon!!! With 5% Lidocaine and a pH of 7.5, Microcaine is an excellent choice for providing pain relief for up to 1 hour when doing an eyeliner procedure. This is a topical creme that will stay in place when applied. It will not melt and run into eye, and w..
  • Bella (Relief-Gel) anesthetic (15 gr.)

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    Original Professional Formula Effective for control of pain and swelling after the skin is broken. Apply relief gel during procedure will instantly reduce bleeding and swelling. ..