• Super Trio® powerful pre-procedure topical anesthetic (36ml.)

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    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Super Trio® is our most powerful pre-procedure topical anesthetic for numbing.  This 4% lidocaine, 2% tetracaine, 12% benzocaine cream topical anesthetic is for use BEFORE A SENSITIVE PROCEDURE.  This topical anesthetic is effective for the initial outlining of a tattoo or the first pass on a permanent makeup..
  • SUSTAINE® anesthetic (35ml.)

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    SUSTAINE® anesthetic (35ml.) Sustaine Blue Gel® is an incredibly powerful during procedure numbing product.   When used after outlining a tattoo, during permanent makeup application, electrolysis or other sensitive skin procedures to desensitize the area for completion of work.   This powerful topical anesthetic c..
  • SWIPE During procedure anesthetic 118 ml

    Item Code: SWIPE

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    SWIPE is a very effective product providing quick- numbing during the procedure.  Swipe contains the powerful local anesthetics 2% lidocaine, 1.5% tretracaine, and 6% benzocaine.  Swipe acts usually within 90 seconds and will provide effective skin deadening lasting up to an hour.  Swipe can be used continuous..