Unit Dose

  • Before procedure Anesthetic NumFast™

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    At last! An OTC topical anesthetic that provides a profound numbing effect for superficially painful conditions. Lasts for up to 45 minutes. You can apply NumFast™ to thin skin for 12-15 minutes. Thick skin: 50-60 minutes. May occlude on body. Do not use occlusive dressing over eyelid. NumFast stays put and doesn'..
  • DOTC Pain Stopper (15 g.)

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    DOTC Pain Stopper (15 g.) Topical Anaesthetic Cream for use before the procedure on unbroken skin. Use for general body tattooing, eyebrows, lips, areola and camouflage procedures. Activation Period: 15-30 minutes Directions: Apply to desired area and wait for activation period. Contains: 3% Lidocaine and 2% Tetracaine ..
  • LIPROTEK lip balm with lidocaine (4 g.)

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    LIPROTEK lip balm with lidocaine (4 g.) Liprotek helps soothe and moisturize full lipcolor procedures AND has the added protection of a herpes inhibitor , local anesthetic and herbal antioxidants for healing. A real favorite! Lidocaine 0,6% Quantity: 4 g.   ..
  • Microcaine™ pH Safe Topical Anesthetic

    Item Code: UDMICPH

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    This topical anesthetic is a safe pH for application around eye area.  pH 7.5-7.8.  Apply like icing on cake and set timer for 20 minutes.  Do not put any occlusive dressing on the eyelid.  After the skin is broken, you can mix Microcaine™ with TAG #45 Gel and apply to skin...
  • Numpot Gold Anesthetic 30 g.

    Item Code: NumpotGold

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    Soothing, moisturizing topical anesthetic that protects the skin;Safe for before, during and after procedure on eyelids, brows, lips and areola;Works on thin skin and mucous membranes within about 15 minutes;Once the skin is opened switch to Tag 45;It is neither alkaline or acid. It is neutral;Complies with FDA regulations.INGRE..
  • NUMQUICK PINK anesthetic (15ml.)

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    NUMQUICK PINK anesthetic (15ml.) Topical Anesthetic cream, from Unit Dose, helps to control pain. Jojoba Oil. Temporarily relieves pain from superficial injury to skin such as minor cuts, scrapes or abrasions. External Use Only. Store in a cool, dark place or refrigerate. Numquick Pink Anesthetic Gel has been proving to..
  • NUMQUICK SPRAY anesthetic (60ml.)

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    NUMQUICK SPRAY anesthetic (60ml.) Once line has been made, spray over area and wait 60-90 seconds. Apply 2-3 more times during procedure. Quantity: 60ml. ..
  • TAG 45 Anesthetic gel (Original) (30 ml.)

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    Effectively reduces the discomfort and pain of tattoos and permanent make-up procedures. A special manufacturing formula, containing 4% lidocaine. Effectively relieve pain. Store tightly in a cool place.   Use: Spread a few drops of the solution evenly on the desired area of ​​skin can be used during the procedure. &nb..
  • Ultra Duration anesthetic (30 ml.)

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    Ultra Duration anesthetic (30 ml.) * External Use Only * Keep Out Of Eyes * Bab Pain Away * Manufactored For Unit Dose , Phoenix , AZ , U.S.A. Detail Information: Model No. CTPK003 Brand Name Ultra Duration MOQ ..