• Biomaser P300 Touch Screen Permanent Make Up Machine

    Item Code: BiomaserP300

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    The motor of the machine pen is very high quality and can use very long time without feverThe permanent makeup panel  is very convenient and has many function to control the pen.Function: Eyebrow Lip Eyeline Permanent MakeupPEN Speed: max.10000 RPMPEN Input: max. 12vPEN Motor: coreless motorPEN Body: AluminumPower Supply ou..
  • Biotouch Pure pigments for eyeliner (3ml)

    Item Code: PurEy

    Availability: 2-3 Days

    BioTouch pigments can be mixed to match your client’s skin tone for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.Follow these general guidelines before using:• Do not mix pigments of different brands.• Shake well each time before use.• Never touch pigment bottles or pigment containers with contaminated gloves to prevent cross contamination...