• Bom Micro pen

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  • BomTech Digital adapter (EU)

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    EU standard plug..
  • BomTech Digital hand needle cartridges (1 pcs.)

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    1 BOX 15 PCS, BomTech Digital hand needle cartridges:SterileMade using the finest materials, including the best steelHeal faster and lower pain for your clients..
  • BomTech Digital Hand-NW

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    -Adjust speed with 7 steps of speed and power by clicking the button-Over 1200 perforations per second-Easy to adjust the length of the needles by turning the adjustment ring (Adjustable from 0 to 2mm)-Rechargeable, Long-lasting battery-Ergonomic Medical design-Comfortable for users-Reduces fatigue with light materials-Pause for..
  • BomTech Digital Hand-R

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    BomTech Digital Hand-R ..
  • Bomtech Digital Pop SE

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    Digital Permanent Make up & Micro-needling machine-Motorized Digital Hand-piece-19 speed level / Pause mode-Infection free / Pain Relief / Noise free-Disposable Needle Cartridge (MTS / PMU)..
  • BomTech Revo Cartridge (1 pcs.)

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    BomTech Cartridge:- Amount of pigment emission can be adjusted by turning the cartridge’s ring.- Best used for ombré brows, eyeliner, and lip.- Contains 15 needle cartridges per box- Individually seal packaged as per health regulation- EO Gas sterilized disposable needle cartridges- Made using the finest materials, including the..