Piercing care

  • ALCOTIP pre-injection swabs (100pc.)

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    ALCOTIP pre-injection swabs (100pc.) Manufactured to NHS specifications Contains 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Lint free, non woven cloth Individually wrapped ..
  • Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Spray (59ml.)

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    Blue Wave Saline Cleansing Spray from Tattoo Goo® is a natural sterile saline solution designed for cleaning piercings. It is a 100% natural sterile solution that helps speed up the healing process in addition to cleansing new piercings. It helps by removing dried discharge and secretions to keep the piercing clean and sterile. ..
  • Caflon® Antiseptic Medi-Wipes

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    Caflon® Antiseptic Medi-Wipes ..
  • Caflon® Natural Ear Care Solution (30ml)

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    Caflon® Natural Ear Care Solution (30ml) ..
  • Octenidol mouth wash 60 ml.

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    Octenidol by Schülke, for daily combat odor-causing bacteria in the oral cavity, is chlorhexidine free and not discolored teeth.]Properties of mouthwash-no discoloration of the teeth-chlorhexidinfrei-Bad Breath-Application with 15 ml solution for 30 seconds-daily use-then eating and drinking is possible-liquid-almost colorless-p..
  • Studex After-Care Piercing Lotions (50ml.)

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    Studex After-Care Piercing Lotions (50ml.) ..
  • Tattoo Goo X-pressions Spray (59ml.)

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    Tattoo Goo X-pressions Spray Has been specially developed for the hygiene and protection of your piercing, containing antibacterial and antimicrobial properties this spray keeps your external piercings clean and protected. Anti Bacterial Anti-Microbial Anti-Inflammatory Reduces Scarring Oral/Dermal Use Qua..
  • X-pressions Liquid Swabs

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    Tattoo Goo® Xpressions Liquid Swabs are single use swabs for piercing aftercare. They have an easy snap tip which allows the formula inside to flow to the opposite end to be administered to the applicable area. They are easy to use and make no mess and you don’t even have to touch the area with your hands meaning hygiene levels ..