Piercing needles

  • Piercing needle (5 pc.)

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    Piercing needle (5 pc.) E.O. Gas sterilized. 20G 0.8mm 18G 1.0mm 16G 1.2mm 15G 1.4mm 14G 1.6mm 13G 1.8mm 12G 2.0mm 10G 2.5mm 8G 3.2mm 6G 4.0mm ..
  • Sterilized I.V. Catheter Piercing Needle (1pc.)

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    Sterilized I.V. Catheter Piercing Needle (1pc.) Brand new & sealed Super sharp Professional quality needle Individually packaged Pre-sterilised and ready to use Sterilized by e.o.gas, enclosed in a individual envelope High Quality needle catheter with a small tube,removed to facilitate the process of needle puntur..