Purebeau Airless Pigment for Eyebrows 10ml (Antique)

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  • Brand: Purebeau
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Purebeau Airless Pigment for Eyebrows 10ml (Antique)

Purebeau pigments are cream-based, they contain to sorbitol. Sorbitol increased the colorant concentration by 15-20% and improved the pigment distribution in the skin.

All Purebeau pigments and micropigments pass strict controls and meet the highest quality requirements. All products are dermatologically tested, tested for allergies. There are no irritations in CT studies.

Purebeau Pigments for Eyebrows is absolutely safe and definitely leads to perfect results.  Achieving unconditional cosmetic beauty through permanent make-up requires excellent make-up-artist skills and well-founded familiarity with cosmetics.

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