Dermclar Purifiying Solution / Artichoke Extract 5ml

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Make the removal of toxins and fat easier

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Dermclar Purifiying Solution / Artichoke Extract 5ml
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Dermclar Purifiying Solution / Artichoke Extract 5ml1.82€ 1.39€

It is possible for EXTRACT OF ARTICHOKE injection to find receptor in tissue, and for such reason it stimulates reabsorption of exudates and tissular retention resulting in increased diuresis

EXTRACT OF ARTICHOKE promotes coenzyme synthesis (NAD-NADHZ and NADP-NADPHZ), mainly NADP-NADPHZ couple more closedly related to lipolysis control .
* Chloretic .
* On liver anti-toxic function
* On liver glycogenetic function
* On Lipidic metabolism
* On kidney and urea metabolism
As choleric and detoxifying (hepatodetoxifying). As soft diuretic, allowing to drop extracellular mean pressure. Hyperuremia, hypercholesteremia, localized lymphodistrophy (cellulitis).

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