Rejuvi ' p ' Normalizing Cream (15 g.)

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Rejuvi ' p ' Normalizing Cream (15 g.)

Clears spots and acne fast! Clears spots and acne fast!
Rejuvi’s Normalizing Cream has a unique and powerful multiple action approach that deep cleans skin thoroughly, gently unblocking pores and removing unwanted skin debris. Urea peroxide kills the acne bacteria while a unique combination of vitamins, zinc and organic acids are used to improve skin condition, preventing break-outs.

A moderate-acting cream designed for regular acne skin.

AHA Cleanses Skin Removing Surface Debris
Unblocks Skin Pores
Kills Acne Bacteria
Unique Formula Improves Skin Condition, Preventing Break-outs
Clears Acne and Spots Quickly

Use daily on target problem areas preferably in the evening. If irritation occurs, stop use for a day or two and then resume treatment every other night. Use on acne area only. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

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