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Liposomes eye countour 2 ml
Liposomes Anti-wrinkle 2 ml
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Liposomes eye countour 2 ml3.13€

With aging the skin elasticity is lost,muscles weaken,with time the flaccidity forms folds on eye lids,the orbital fat pads become prominent,becoming apparent.Microscopic blood vessels under the eyes can loose their stability and strenght.The body conpensates by forming new ones.there is also edema,by deficiency in lymphatic circulation,or increase in capilary permeability.

EYESERYL:is a tetrapeptid with antiedematous properties,with a proven eficacy in reducing the fat bags.

The two mechanism suggested as poor blood circulation,due to high blood pressure,and in the other hand the damage of extracellular matrix,by collagen "cross linking".

The EYESERYL has demostrated has demostrated great efficacy in both mechanism:
1.EYESERYL inhibits the ACE(angiotensin I converting enzime)preventing formation of angiotensin II wich contributes to increase the blood pressure.
2.EYESERYL inhibits the glycation,a reaction that produces damage to the extracellular matrix,one the basic causes of eye bags.
MELILOTO acts over the lymphatic system,improving the microcirculation,is venotonic,vascular protector with lymphochinetic activity.

Moisturizer.Antiaging.Antidark circles Orbital fat and dark circles is generally the focus of much of the aesthetic problem in periocular region,this produtc is the product of choice

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