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Skin Monarch Royal Power 400
Dermclar Derm Celu 10ml.


Skin Monarch Royal Power 4002,100.00€

Skin Monarch Academy proudly presents 

The new device with a simple design is technically at its finest. It is equipped with the low-vibration hand piece created for professional Masters.

With the new device Skin Monarch Royal Power 400 you can make cosmetic and medical pigmentation as well anti-aging treatments M Lift.Skin Monarch pigments are implanted into the top layer of skin through the puncture of the needle during pigmentation. Due to the adjustable needle punctures per second, it is possible to treat on problem skin easily too.


  • Compatible with all variants of disposable hygiene modules
  • Infinitely variable needle punctures per second (in 5 steps), 50-150 strokes
  • Needle length individually adjustable
  • Vibration-free hand piece 
  • Extra strong motor
  • Due to small device size, ideal for mobile permanent make-up stylists
  • Can work with or without foot pedal possible
  • Made in Germany

International warranty - 24 months  



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